Best BJJ Belts For 2021

Best BJJ Belts For 2021

People who practice Jiu Jitsu know the importance of having the best BJJ belts. Besides flexing your new rank to the newbs, it is a necessity and an integral part of the uniform. 

Not just any martial arts belt will work either, BJJ belts are specifically designed to withstand the daily rolls and work you’re going to put your belt through. So, let’s explore the best Brazillian Jiu Jitsu belts for 2021. 

Moreover, the belt’s color gives you an idea about the wearer’s rank. However, it is important to buy a BJJ belt that is made of sturdy material.

That way, the belt lasts for several years. Also, it keeps you comfortable and doesn’t cause problems while practicing. 

Experts recommend that investing in a BJJ belt is worth making. So, if you are planning to buy the best BJJ belt in 2021, read ahead to find out which one might suit you best.



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If you have been practicing martial arts for some time, you may have come across amazing products from FUJI that you saw someone wearing or on the market. Most of their products are made of the finest material and they are affordable as well.

For example, their BJJ belts, like the Premium BJJ belt is made of high-quality cotton fabric and have a collection of vibrant colors.

The colors range from white to black. And, you can easily differentiate between purple and blue shades at first sight. In short, they are very bright. But, take a look at the coaches belt, its gonna fade and get worn out over the years, so get a good one. 

Because these belts are made of cotton, they are very tough. Also, you get the feel of smooth touch. Moreover, you don’t feel any kind of discomfort while you tie one around your waist. The folding and color stand firm even when you are practicing for longer hours.

Moreover, this belt won’t loosen or slip from the knot, unlike the ones that you have used before. As such, you don’t worry about grappling and rolling during practice sessions. Trusted by professionals, this BJJ belt is lightweight and doesn’t become stiff after several washes. What’s more interesting is that the color doesn’t fade as well.


* High-quality cotton for durability and comfortability

* Available in a variety of colors

* Highly affordable

* Easy to tie

* Can be used in other versions of martial arts


* Moderately thick

FUJI is undoubtedly one of the best BJJ belts out there on the market because they don’t compromise on the quality standards as far as their products are concerned. These belts are impressive when it comes to achieving the perfect fit and look.


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The best BJJ belts for sale should be a good fit for both men and women. This is where Hayabusa 2.0 Jiu Jitsu belt [https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079G8ZZ53] comes into play because they are the best choice for many people. The belt is reinforced with a double-stitch and it runs throughout the belt’s length.

This provides the belt with sturdiness and durability. Because the belt is made of cotton fabric, it is comfortable and tough as well. There is no question that it will last until your training gets over. In short, this belt is prepared to undertake some rough treatment.

While these belts might appear a bit expensive compared to the other options that you find on the local market, they are worth your investment. That’s because they are made of high-quality materials and durable. Moreover, they have great visuals too.


* This BJJ belt has double-stitch running throughout its length

* The cotton fabric gives sheer strength to the belt

* They are lightweight and don’t cause issues with maneuvering

* The design has a visual appeal


* Isn’t available in children’s size

Hayabusa 2.0 Jiu Jitsu belts won’t disappoint you because it delivers performance, comfort, and durability. It fits comfortably on your waist and allows you to move freely without causing many problems. Even after regular washing, the belt retains its color and softness.


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If you are looking for something that will last for a few years even after regular use in the arena, the Sanabul Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu belts [https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01865X98K] should be the right choice. These BJJ belts are one of the popular choices that you can find on the market.

These belts are perfect for strenuous, longer sessions. The belt undergoes anti-microbial and anti-fungal treatment so that it remains protected from getting contaminated. It stays in its place even after vigorous activity in the arena. Despite their durability and high resilience, they don’t cost you much compared to other brands.

However, the affordability of this BJJ belt shouldn’t be taken into granted. In other words, the price of this incredible product shouldn’t deceive you into believing that this belt is not as impressive and effective as other brands. You should be surprised that the item adheres to the standard set by IBJJF.

It means you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of this BJJ belt and take on the tournaments in full swing. The strip section is a great way to showcase your rank to people around you. So, if you want something that can absorb rough treatment during your training sessions, the Sanabul BJJ belt is the right one for your needs.


* Crafted from thick cotton material

* The strip bar displays your rank

* This belt adheres to the safety standards of IBJJF

* Superior durability

* Available in a variety of sizes

* Not very expensive


* Require few washes to soften the belt

Adorned by both experts and beginners, this belt has enough thickness that helps it to stay in place and restrict movement when you are practicing. The availability of different sizes and colors makes it accessible to everyone. While it requires a few washes to soften up, the color remains the same. If you are looking for a strong belt yet affordable and comfortable, this one should be the best choice.


There are a few important factors that you have to consider before buying the right BJJ belt.

* The thickness of the belt

* The material used to build

* It should have a comfortable fit

* Visible rank stripes


This BJJ belt review is to help you pick the right one for your needs. No matter what item you choose, consider the important factors to avoid undesirable events later on.