Best BJJ Spats For 2021

Best BJJ Spats For 2021

Keep hearing about BJJ spats? Not sure what they are or if you need them? Well, let’s sport that out now. Here we present the best BJJ spats for Jiu Jitsu in 2021. 

It’s funny how many BJJ practitioners are confident with the terminology surrounding BJJ, but still do not know about what spats are, or why they are necessary during Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

While the post today will take you through the best BJJ spats in 2021 later in the article, you will also find a large section focussing on what spats are and why you need them to start with. 

If somebody has been practicing BJJ for a while, then they may be familiar with spats, but if you’re new, then understanding them and how they can help you during BJJ training sessions and competitions is really important.

What Are BJJ Spats?

If you have ever heard of BJJ rash guards, then BJJ spats won’t be such a foreign idea to you. Where rash guards are the top layer that a person wears underneath their Gi in BJJ to cover their torso, spats are the bottom layer people wear beneath their Gi to cover their legs. Some people call them leggings or yoga pants, and all of them are very similar. But, if you want to use the correct terminology, then in BJJ these pants are often called spats. They are tight fitting and are designed to compress your legs.

Why Do You Need BJJ Spats?

There are plenty of reasons for investing in a great pair of spats when you’re practicing BJJ, and realistically you could justify purchasing a pair for any one of the reasons below.

Increased Comfort

One of the major reasons why BJJ enthusiasts pick up spats is because they are comfortable. During a full contact sport like BJJ, you are bound to be on the floor a lot and mat burn is a real problem that people who practice BJJ face. By wearing spats you have an added layer of protection to make sure you’re comfortable and protected.


Not many people realize this, but the point of the compression that spats provide is more than just to make you more comfortable. They compress your legs, which then maximizes blood flow to them. As anyone who practices BJJ will know, this increased blood flow can lead to better performances on the mats, and can even make recovery after tough sessions much easier.

Free Up Your Movement

Spats working so hard to increase blood flow to your legs also gives you another benefit, and that’s in your freedom of movement. Using your legs effectively is key in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and so having as much movement as possible is key. Spats help to do this by giving you increased flexibility and reactions in your leg muscles.


You know, as somebody who practices BJJ, that a full contact sport like this isn’t always the most hygienic, especially when both of you are sweating after a tough training session or competition. Spats can provide an added layer of protection to prevent the two of you from sweating on one another. That might not be at the top of your list of priorities, but it certainly helps.

Keep Your Gi Fresh

Gi’s are not cheap, and you want to make sure that once you’ve purchased one, you’ll get the most out of it before needing to purchase a new one. Wearing spats, and indeed BJJ rash guards, helps to extend the life of your Gi because your sweat and hard work won’t deteriorate the fabric of the Gi thanks to your added layer beneath it.

Best BJJ Spats In 2021

Now you know why spats are so important, you can turn your attention to picking up the best BJJ spats available in 2021. Below are two great options, but the bottom one is really the one to beat this year.

2. Sanabul Compression Base BJJ Spats

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These BJJ spats from Sanabul are really comfortable, and are designed in such a way that you get the maximum mobility whilst wearing them. They are very flexible and fit well to the body, which is important when you’re wearing spats beneath your Gi. The price is very competitive too, although some users do say that they don’t quite match up to high-end spats. However, if you’re an amateur or are only just thinking of getting involved in BJJ, then these are a great starter pair of spats.


– Breathable material

– Flexible to fit body shape well

– Provide excellent mobility

– Wonderful compression without being constricting

– Comfortable in any weather, as material allows to cool and retain heat


– Not as well designed as high-end options

– Some people complain about the waistband being tight even when the rest of the spats fit perfectly


They make these spats of breathable, flexible material for maximum comfort, although some users complain the waistband is uncomfortable. Lots of women also complain that they have been designed for men, and so are not comfortable for them to wear.

Why They Work For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

They offer everything spats should. They protect your skin from mat burn, compress your legs well, and help with mobility and freedom of movement.

1. Gold BJJ Spats

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If the Sanabul spats were good, then these Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu spats are outstanding! Gold is so confident that you’ll love these spats that they offer a full refund or replacement with no questions asked if you’re unsatisfied for any reason. 

The material is really high quality, flexible, and breathable and they have been designed with durability in mind to withstand even the toughest of training sessions. They provide excellent performance compression and are as close to a professional pair of spats as you’re ever going to get!


– High quality material

– Reinforced waistband for durability

– Breathable, flexible, and lightweight

– Amazing company guarantee

– Performance level compression

– Simple but unique design


– Cheaper options available, but you won’t get the performance


These are incredibly comfortable across a range of moves in BJJ, so you won’t find them to be a nuisance no matter what you’re doing. The breathable lightweight material also helps with comfort and you’ll barely notice them being there.

Why They Work For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

They provide you with all the protection you need, all the comfort and style too. They genuinely will help improve your performance thanks to the excellent compression. There are no other spats in 2021 that are offering as much for your money as these Gold Jiu Jitsu spats are.

The Verdict

Spats are necessary if you want to protect yourself and perform at your best in BJJ. The best BJJ spats in 2021 have to be the Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu spats mentioned above. They are comfortable, practical, and flexible whilst being great at helping you improve your performance!

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