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getting started

Feb 20, 2019

Posted by Ryan Rich


getting started

Starting Jiu-Jitsu is rarely an easy undertaking. Some of the more common issues are the expectations people set for themselves such as needing to get into better shape prior to taking a class, understanding fundamentals and apprehension to injury. Albeit understandable, this is the fastest path to never getting started in the first place.

  1. No one is in grappling shape by default because there’s no other sport with the same requirements, not to mention that the classes themselves will help practitioners get into shape. Using the activity itself to lose weight, improve coordination and get stronger and faster is a much more positive experience than having to suffer just to get started – remember that this is an investment and that giving the process the opportunity to enrich your life is essential to your success.
  2. Fundamentals in any activity don’t come overnight (the mastery of fundamentals in any endeavor is generally what separates the professional from the amateur) – and without significant experience and expert coaching, learning fundamentals via video or from another inexperienced practitioner is not a particularly effective nor efficient way to prepare for the activity yet-to-be-undertaken. Again, this comes back to personal investment.
  3. Fitness in any form comes with benefits as well as risk, and while any training can be dangerous in the wrong environment, Jiu-Jitsu itself is quite safe (in fact it’s the consensus safest combat sport):

See you on the mat!

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