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why jiu-jitsu is the best martial art for kids

Apr 18, 2019

Posted by Ryan Rich


why jiu-jitsu is the best martial art for kids

Why is Jiu-Jitsu the best martial art for kids? 

The Gracie Academy in Torrance, California has a rather straightforward answer, in the Gracie Bullyproof Program the philosophy is simple: give children the tools of physical self-defense, so that they are very confident that should a fight take place - they can defend themselves.

And once they're sure of that, once they're sure that physically they're going to be okay, we begin to layer in the verbal assertiveness, strategies they can use to confront the bully and put an end to the harassment.

But it has to start from the physical ability and the certainty that you're not going to get hurt if the bully attacks and only once that's established can you layer in the verbal confidence and with those two, man, the level of overall confidence - the kid doesn't even have to fight.

The child is learning that the goal isn't to hurt the bully, the goal is to control, negotiate and essentially make a new friend - to neutralize. Our goal is to teach your child to fight fire with water.

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