Finding Your Jiu Jitsu Gi: USA-Made Jiu Jitsu Gi Companies

Finding Your Jiu Jitsu Gi: USA-Made Jiu Jitsu Gi Companies

What is a Jiu Jitsu Gi?

The Jiu Jitsu Gi is a special uniform that is used during the training of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, i.e., martial arts. This uniform typically contains a heavy cotton jacket, drawstring trousers, and a belt representing the trainee’s rank.

What Martial Art Should I Learn

you may come upon the question of what martial art should I learn. It is imperative to explore your inner self to find your interest and then evaluate whether you are physically and mentally fit for the selected art. After getting the answer to your question about what martial art should I learn, next comes the preparation of the activity. One of the first things you will need is a proper uniform for the arts and training.

General specifications of Jiu-Jitsu Gi

The Jiu-Jitsu Gi has some general specifications, due to which it cannot be categorized as an ordinary or informal dress. It has some color specifications like international contests are allowed to use black, white or blue colors only. While in some cases, a single solid color is also acceptable.
Moreover, the material must be cotton or of similar nature and no hard material is allowed that can cause any obstruction to the opponent. The jacket and trouser length must be appropriate, and the belt length and width are also specific. Pockets are not allowed, and the positions patches can be placed are fixed as well. To fulfill the uniform requirement and participate in any contest without any issues regarding the uniform, it is necessary to purchase the uniform from a high standard and reliable company that can provide you high-quality products with accurate specifications and finishings.
The fabric quality must be the best to withstand the high-pressure actions during the contest. Moreover, it is frequently washed i.e.after every contest, so the fabric must be colorfast.

Martial arts belts

The martial art belts represent the expert level of the trainer and act as a source of inspiration and motivation. The martial art belts must be of a specific length and width according to the rules and guidelines designs for the Jui Jitsu Gi.
Finding your Jiu Jitsu Gi once you have joined or planning to join the classes can be difficult, but here we try to make things a little easy for you. Here are some of the best Jiu-Jitsu Gi companies in the USA that can provide you high-quality products with all the specifications you are looking for.
Jiu Jitsu Near Me
if you are interested in taking martial arts classes, you can look for Jiu Jitsu near me, and you can find the nearest options available for you in your locality.

Gold BJJ Aeroweave Gi

This company, San Diego, produces one of the lightest weight Jui Jitsu Gi yet is durable. This lightweight uniform is perfect for long summer training days when there is a lot of sweating and workout. This uniform is available in grey, navy, black and white and its price is very reasonable as a high-quality product. There is a facility for refunding or replacing your delivery if you are not satisfied with the product you purchased. The following products are available in this brand.
⦁ Aeroweave Ultralight Gi
⦁ Aeroweave Ultralight Women’s Gi
⦁ Calavera Gold Weave Gi
The typical price of a uniform of this brand is USD 119.95.


This company is based in Los Angeles, California and sells a range of products made from denim. This denim is of higher quality and robust as compared to everyday denim. It is known as the world’s first Selvedge Denim Jiu Jitsu Gi. They manufacture uniforms with a variety of fabrication in various colors in denim, Canvas and Twill. With its unique cut and original style, Vanguard remains focused on the essential design elements that depict the culture of the community of Jiu-Jitsu. Along with denim, gis vanguard also sells a non-denim line of gis.Mentalita aperta of Vanguard cost $200.


Origin is one of the companies that manufacture their uniforms in the USA, bringing the manufacturing process back in the USA and creating many job opportunities for the people. Origin latest gi suits are exceptional ones to buy. “The Path,” their latest product, is the most robust weave in the market. As far as its price is concerned, it may not be called a budget-friendly brand, but if you among those who believe spending on a name and quality worth it, it is for you. This brand sells clothes for men and women. The price ranges from $159 to $300 for the signature Dragon weave jacket fabric. The Path GI comes in $210.50.

93 brand

This new york-based brand launched its first product in the market in 2012 after a year of sampling and testing. Based on an idea to make a product with some creativity, we struggled to make a durable product still in an affordable range and modified sizes so that everyone gets his/her piece. As the infamous tournament in 93 became the reason for many Americans developing interest in Brazilian Jui Jitsu, this brand is a shout-out to the year responsible for the evolution and is named 93 brands. A range of products are available of this brand, including
⦁ adults Jiu Jitsu Gis,
⦁ children’s jiu-jitsu gear
⦁ belts
⦁ shorts
⦁ hygiene and accessories

A typical Jui Jitsu Gi at 93 brand cost around $ 149.99

Century martial arts

Among one of the largest martial art supply companies, century martial arts is based in Oklahoma, USA. Having a team of 200 men and women of Oklahoma century martial arts, many of them are those people who have shifted to this place during their interest in martial arts. The founder of the company Mike Dillard started od 40 years ago, and this company is still there providing the best quality martial art products for the world. Apart from selling martial arts uniforms of all shapes, sizes and colors, we also teach this art in various classes.

The Jui Jitsu gi of the company have a butterfly cut and are made from a single piece of fabric so that it is the most comfortable thing to wear for the trainee. The EVA foam collars prevent the sagging and breakdown after the grappling and twisting actions. The weight and material of the uniform are selected according to the martial arts for which it is prepared.
The company manufactures several products, including

⦁ uniforms and belts
⦁ sparring gear
⦁ training gear
⦁ weapons training
⦁ accessories

the price of a Jui Jitsu Gi at the martial arts ranges from $14.99-$125.99.