how to wash a gi

How To Wash A GI: Cleaning a Jiu Jitsu Gi For The Very First Time

Maintaining a clean and well-kept Jiu-jitsu gi is one of the most crucial skills you will have to learn in jiu-jitsu. As much as it’s a lesson away from the mat, it would be vital to the safety and comfort of you and your friends. If you were to answer the query, what is jiu-jitsu? You will learn that it goes beyond the skills learned on the mat but also the attire. A good master will make sure their students have a perfect understanding of how to wash their gi. If you take BJJ classes from home, it’s best to visit a local gym to learn firsthand rather than from the internet. Ask about the gyms that offer the best BJJ classes or type jiu-jitsu gyms near me on your phone and choose the ones with the best rating. Here we’ll give you an insight on how to wash your gi as you anticipate your second training session.

The Washing Process

You’ll need to think about how your first few washes will appear from the moment you take your brand-new gi out of the bag. Is your gi a little too big or too small for you? Is it more tailored to you? Then, for the first time, wash your gi on hot, try it on, and see if it has to be shrunk some more. The quantity of shrinkage you can expect is impossible to calculate scientifically. This is because different gi manufactures employ varying weaves and fabric weights for their gis. Several businesses offer a variety of other models, each with its own set of features. The quality of the cotton fibers can also influence the amount of shrinkage you can expect, which can be managed from the get-go of the production process.

However, a lighter weight, looser weave will shrink more than a heavier, tighter weave. Ripstop pants shrink far too little, if ever. Below are some key factors to keep in mind when washing your gi for the first time.

  • Please take a look at the directions provided by the brand that made your new Gi before washing it. In general, the instructions are supplied in the form of washing or laundry symbols and labels on clothing. Not all brands follow the same manufacturing process or use the same raw ingredients. As a result, washing methods and instructions will differ. Every direction should be remembered and carefully considered.
  • Ensure your gi is out of your gym bag after training. If you can’t wash your gi right away after the workout, hang it up to dry. You’ll retain the smelly dampness in your gym bag if you leave your gi in there, making it much more challenging to wash out. 
  • Make sure it is Inside-out. If you want to keep your gi’s color vitality, wash and dry it inside-out. On blue, black, or other colored gis, this helps to reduce color washout. Your gi will stay clean and look newer for a lengthy period.
  • Sort your gi from the rest of your laundry. The stiff fabric of your gi may damage softer items, and you should wash your gi at a lower temperature than regular clothing to avoid shrinking. 
  • Hand wash in cold water with a low setting. Washing your gi in warm or hot water can cause it to shrink or damage the collar, so soak it in cool water. Many manufacturers, including Tatami, advocate washing at temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius (86 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit). 
  • Try using a non-softening organic or mild detergent. Using these detergents will help your garment last longer by avoiding the damaging effects of harsher detergents on the fabric. 
  • Bleach should not be used on your gi. Bleach should never be used on your gi. It harms the fabric and shortens its lifespan, mainly if you do it every time you wash your gi. Your white gis may potentially become yellow as a result of this. 
  • Sterilize your laundry. Jitsu has the potential to spread ringworm, staph, and a variety of other illnesses. Because our sweat and the sweat of our teammates are absorbed into our training gear, we must disinfect our gis before using them again. Laundry sterilizer is available at your local supermarket in the same aisle as detergent and fabric softener. 
  • Remember to clean your belt. Some individuals refuse to wash their belts because they believe it is unnecessary; also, there is a risk that they will be destroyed while being cleaned. But it’s also a part of Gi, and it requires cleaning, albeit not regularly. It’s just that the belt needs to be washed per the materials it’s made of. If the belt is made of cotton, it can be washed without difficulty. 

Drying Your Gi

Consider whether your gi has to be shrunk to fit better. Once you do, the first time you wash it, you may throw it in the dryer. Because practically all gis – at least the jackets – are composed of cotton, they will shrink once dried. Cotton is a natural fiber consisting of cellulose, which explains why this is the case. When heat is applied to cellulose fibers, they constrict, causing your gi to shrink. It also weakens the fibers, making your gi prone to ripping in the long run. After you’ve gotten the desired size for your gi, air-drying is the best alternative. You may hang it to dry outside if you live in a warm, dry environment. If the weather isn’t cooperating, or if it’s pouring on washing day, you may choose to dry it inside, either on a line or on your bathroom shower rod.

Below are a few steps to follow when drying your gi

  • Take your garment out of the washing machine as soon as possible. This should help keep your gi from stinking.
  • Dry your gi by hanging it on a hook. Tumble drying your gi stresses the fabric, and tumble drying at high temperatures shrinks and warps the collar.
  • Use a fan to speed up the drying process. Try hanging the gi in a room with a fan to hasten up the drying process.
  • A gi should not be ironed. Your gi’s fabric and patches may be damaged or destroyed as a result of this. Turn your gi inside out and avoid ironing over areas if you want to iron it.

You’ve Now Learned How to Wash a GI

The discussion above outlays the most critical elements of the initial wash of your gis. It’s not hard to wash it for the first time; you have to be careful. Purchase from the brand of your choice, and select the color of your choice. All you have to do is follow the washing and care instructions for your Gi’s color, shape, and fabric to ensure that it lasts a long time. Purchase a suitable Gi and keep it correctly so that it reflects your individuality.