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Our 3 Favorite Speed Ropes to Get Your Heart Rate Up!

BJJ has a lot of physical power behind it. That makes it necessary to get into the best shape possible to execute the moves correctly. One way that you can get into better shape is to do frequent cardio workouts. A great way to get in some of that cardio is to use speed ropes. Getting at least one rope can help you to get into better shape and maintain it. A speed jump rope can give you a powerful workout in little time. Here are some great examples of speed ropes that are high-quality and effective.

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

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This offering from WOD Nation is the perfect addition to your cardio. It’s a fast rope that is highly stable. This allows you to recover quickly and easily if you have an inaccurate swing. This speed rope can easily be customized. Just use a wire cutter as directed, and cut it to your liking. The high quality of this speed jump rope makes it spin super fast, and it will last for a long time. Many people depend on this rope to get into their best shape.

This rope has a steel cable inside and comes in several colors. When you use it, make sure you do so on a smooth surface. The smooth surface of a gym is ideal, but you can take it anywhere because of its portability, unlike many types of workout equipment! It shouldn’t be used on rough surfaces like asphalt or cement because it will wear away the coating around the steel cable. It’s perfect for building agility, endurance, balance, speed, and more. It’s suitable for beginners and experienced athletes alike. When you use speed ropes, they provide a helpful cardio workout, but they also help you to build strength in your legs and shoulders.

This speed jump rope from WOD Nation uses handles made from ballistic nylon resin for comfort and strength. It contains four bearings that are made with smooth liquid steel. The steel cable and its nylon covering are resistant to developing kinks. When used as indicated, it’s built to last for many years. If the cable ever wears out, this rope has an extra one you can put into place. The handles are 6.75 inches long and are tapered so that your grip will be sure. The customizable rope comes at 10 feet in length. It also includes a nylon bag for carrying it.

DEGOL Skipping Rope

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This versatile speed jump rope has a system of ball bearings that allows it not to bend, wind, or twist as many other ropes can do. This means that the rotation will be relaxed and stable. It’s able to take on a heavy load, so it gives you a great workout. For elite athletes, it offers a high degree of fluency. This rope is good for building speed, stamina, and endurance while helping you build muscle tension all over your body. It’s perfect for those practicing BJJ and other types of martial arts.

The core of the DEGOL speed rope is made from braided steel wire and has a coating of PVC. This makes the rope highly durable and very smooth. It’s tough enough to last for years and is resistant to cracks and breaks. It’s made to be extremely comfortable to grip and has ergonomic and lightweight handles. The handles have a soft, 6-inch memory foam coating made of EVA. This gives you a solid grip to maximize this rope’s usage. Memory foams work very well to keep the handles strong and comfortable. This rope comes with a length of 9 feet, and it’s adjustable to work perfectly with your height. Both children and adults can use it.

Speed ropes can help with your strength and endurance, but they also help you burn calories and fat. Be sure to use your rope in a clear area with plenty of room. It’s often a good idea to start out slowly and work up to a fast speed with your rope.

Tangle-Free Rapid Speed Jumping Rope

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This model offers an effective speed rope with steel wires inside and durable PVC outside. It’s highly durable and has an adjustable length for customization, making it suitable for children and adults. The ball bearings inside are high-quality and make jumping easier and faster. The rope is designed to avoid tangles, making it a safe and convenient rope to use. The handles are designed with soft sponges on the outside. That makes these comfortable to grip and gives you a firm hold.

The handles are also moisture-wicking, so you don’t have to worry about them getting too wet, and they are non-slip for your safety. Beginners and those with extensive experience with speed ropes can use this speed rope. It’s a highly convenient workout device you can pack in a small space. You can even carry it in a pocket for the ultimate in portability. You can use them anywhere and at any time. Build endurance and strength by using this speed rope regularly.