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The Best BJJ Ankle Wrap For Max Support – Our Top 3!

The ankles are some of the most mobile joints in the body. Unfortunately, their mobility also makes them some of the most injury-prone joints. Just look at the number of ankle injuries at the academy and beyond. However, while ankle injuries are common, they’re also preventable. All you need is a sturdy yet flexible ankle wrap!

We’ve handpicked three of the best BJJ ankle wraps on the market. These ankle supports won’t just protect your ankles but give you some added compression for boosted recovery, too. Add these supports to your gym bag and you’ll be bulletproofing your ankles and staying in the game longer.

If you’re in the market for a reliable pair of ankle supports, look no further than these three we’ve tested out for ourselves!

Sanabul Essential Striking Gel Ankle Guard

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Sanabul has outdone itself with its take on the classic above-the-ankle ankle wraps. Sanabul’s Essential Striking Gel Ankle Guard provides 360-degree ankle protection through compression and shock absorption for both ankles.

Sanabul’s ankle guards boast a nylon-neoprene construction that offers adjustable compression. The neoprene supplies the elasticity of the ankle guard, and Sanabul’s ankle guard brings the heat with the nylon fabric that encases the ankle and instep.

The Sanabul Ankle Guard’s compression and heat add warmth and stability to both ankles. As a result, the ankles and feet get more blood flow for recovery. Plus, let’s not forget that the compression keeps your ankles in one piece on the mat or in the ring.

Besides premium compression, shock absorption is also a selling point of Sanabul’s ankle guards. Sanabul’s patented gel protection encases the part of the wraps that go on the instep. The gel layer allows you to throw barrages of kicks while leaving your foot relatively unscathed.

The best part about the gel layer is that it doesn’t add bulk to the ankle guards. Sanabul has strategically chosen where the gel protection goes, allowing you to move and shrimp on the mats as though you’re barefoot. The soles come with a minimalist construction padded with double neoprene to provide you while providing all the traction you’ll need on the Tatami or ring.

Constructed for the avid combat athlete, Sanabul’s Ankle Guards hold up. Some top UFC talents like the Count will attest to the Sanabul Ankle Guard’s stability, compression, and durability.

Take your ankle protection to the next level with Sanabul’s pair of Striking Gel Ankle Guards!

NEENCA Professional Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve

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NEENCA aims to address as many ankle pain points as possible with its Professional Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve. These ankle sleeves from compression specialists NEENCA feature air-knit construction that’s breathable and warm.

The compression from the company’s special elastic fibers provides maximum support and coverage. The sleeve covers the entire foot, leaving only the toes exposed. The minimalist design gives you an ankle sleeve that seamlessly goes on top of your foot or spats.

The special air-knit fibers give NEENCA its compressive and thermal qualities. The warmth generated by the fibers facilitates circulation in parts of the foot that get little to no blood flow. As a result, not only do you get premium compression, but you also get maximum comfort if you’re experiencing arthritis, heel spurs, an ankle injury, or Achilles tendinitis.

The NEENCA Professional Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve is excellent for protection and recovery. Keeping the sleeves on will soothe aches and pains caused by a tough roll, a heavy sparring session, or a long run. The air-knit fibers that make up the ankle sleeve decrease swelling to increase your readiness for the next day’s rolls and runs.

NEENCA’s fibers boast optimal traction, meaning you won’t slip on sweat-drenched mats. The fibers are also anti-microbial and guarantee odor-free and moisture-wicking ankle protection for hours on end.

NEENCA’s Professional Ankle Brace Compression Sleeves come in pairs and are available in four colors and sizes. These sleeves also come with a one-year warranty.

You can’t go wrong with NEENCA’s Professional Ankle Brace Compression Sleeves

WYOX Ankle Wraps

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WYOX Sports wows the market with ankle wraps that boast graduated compression and a seamless design. The WYOX Ankle Wraps for Men and Women provide the perfect balance of compression and breathability, made possible by special tightly woven fibers.

WYOX Ankle Wraps come with seamless and minimalist construction. Offering little to no rigidity, these ankle wraps don’t bunch up anywhere. Their seamless construction makes them perfect for all-day use. The seamless and innovative design makes these wraps from WYOX perfect for mat and gym use.

WYOX Sports’ Ankle Wraps are one of the few ankle supports on the market to offer graduated compression. These ankle supports are at their tightest where compression is needed most: the ankles. The ankle wraps loosen up as you get to the toes, maintaining ideal circulation. The compression at the ankle not only soothes pain but prevents it from resurfacing.

The cuffs of these ankle wraps consist of tightly-woven elastic material. Slip the ankle wraps on, and you’ll be amazed at how the cuffs retain their position. The anti-slip cuff design also adds to the compactness of the ankle wraps by preventing a bunching-up at the top.

WYOX Ankle Wraps are machine-washable and retain their shape in the dryer. These wraps also air-dry quickly due to the fibers they’re made of.

WYOX Ankle wraps are available in four colors, including black, blue, green, and pink. They also come in small and medium sizes for men and women.

Choose a pair of ankle supports that gives you all-day ankle protection. These ankle wraps from WYOX Sports will provide that and more!

Stay in the Game with These BJJ Ankle Supports

Whether you’re rolling or sparring at Granite Bay Jiu Jitsu, a pair of quality ankle wraps will add years to your athletic career. Choose the best BJJ ankle supports to stay in the game longer. Check out the ankle wraps we’ve handpicked for you and step up to ankle injuries!