The Top 3 Dumbbells Sets To Up Your Strength

Dumbbells are the most versatile pieces of equipment in the weight room. Trainees can press them, curl them, and even squat them. Those in the functional training camp can even use a single dumbbell for exercises like getups. 

Dumbbells are also perfect for metabolic conditioning workouts. Why else would they be in the CrossFit Games? Besides their use as conditioning tools, dumbbells are excellent for one other purpose — getting swole in a short time! 

For all the uses dumbbells have, it’s crucial to invest in the right ones. Not all dumbbells are equal — but our team at Granite Bay Jiu-Jitsu has compiled the best three in this list. 

Finish up the Stretch Out Strap routine and warm-up. Read our top three picks for the best dumbbells that get you swole and ready to roll!

Tru Grit Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbells

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Anyone who has walked into a commercial gym will have the same questions before picking up dumbbells: “What happens to the floors if I drop them?”

If the trainee drops these hex dumbbells from Tru Grit Fitness, the floors stay in one piece. The Tru Grit Fitness Hex Dumbbells boast hexagonal heads consisting of high-density rubber. The high-density rubber ensures that the dumbbells provide excellent resistance but never at the expense of the floors. 

The hexagonal rubber dumbbell heads also attenuate sound due to the material. As a result, the trainees startle nobody when they lose their grip and drop the bells — even from overhead! 

Speaking of grip, Tru Grit Fitness Hex Dumbbells come with intricate knurling. The knurling on the high-grade chrome handles creates enough friction to facilitate gripping. The deep knurling is excellent for those final sets that are a few reps shy of failure. Even without chalk, the knurling hugs the skin of the hands, delivering friction and excellent tactile feedback. 

The chrome-plated handles of these hex dumbbells are some of the most ergonomic on the market. Besides the knurling on their surfaces, the handles come in various measurements that enable most trainees to get a good grip. The handle diameters start from 25 mm and go as high as 35 mm for weights above 12 pounds. 

The Tru Grit Fitness Hex Dumbbells come in pairs. But Amazon offers weights above 20 pounds as singles. Hence, anyone who wants to go ultra-minimalist may go heavy too.

Portzon Set of 2 Neoprene Dumbbells

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Hex dumbbells have always been a mainstay in many modern gyms, academies, and boxes. Nevertheless, everyone has the same complaint about hex dumbbells — they can get bulky. This comment holds especially true as the dumbbells get heavier. 

One dumbbell set solves this problem with ease — the Portzon Neoprene Dumbbells set. 

The Portzon Neoprene Dumbbells boast ergonomic design and space conservation. These have dense heads courtesy of their cast iron design. Because of their density, they offer sufficient resistance minus the extra storage room. 

These hex dumbbells consist of cast iron throughout — from the handles to the heads. Besides being seamlessness, the cast iron make-up delivers maximum durability, so worrying about the dumbbells coming apart after snatches or devil presses will be a thing of the past. Calluses won’t be an issue either, thanks to the neoprene coating!

A neoprene coating envelopes the cast iron hex dumbbells for maximum grip and comfort. Despite the matte-finish neoprene, Portzon still went all out on the knurling on the handles. The knurling coupled with the neoprene surface gives trainees a dumbbell that feels like an extension of the hand. 

The neoprene coating also helps protect training surfaces. Surfaces remain intact due to the cushion delivered by the neoprene coating concentrated on the hex heads. 

Regardless of the weight, all Portzon Hex Neoprene Dumbbells come with anti-impact engineering. The anti-impact engineering of these dumbbells ensures that the heads protect the hands during close-grip dumbbell exercises. 

These dumbbells are perfect for any academy or a home fitness corner. Nobody can go wrong with the Portzon Hex Dumbbell Set! 

ToughFit Dumbbell Sets

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Durability and impact protection are the selling points of the ToughFit Dumbbell Set. ToughFit’s dumbbells consist of two materials — compact and dense PEV rubber and durable alloy steel. These materials come together to give trainees a pair of dumbbells that can withstand anything. 

The alloy steel handles have high-detail knurling designed for the hands of most trainees. The diameters of the dumbbells range from 32 mm to 35 mm, so most trainees will get the most bang for their buck as soon as they grasp the handles. 

The alloy steel provides other benefits besides ergonomics. The steel is high-grade, meaning that these dumbbells from ToughFit last a long time. Because of the alloy steel’s density, ToughFit’s dumbbells provide excellent resistance and stability for high-speed lifts. 

The alloy steel core extends to the decagon-shaped heads of the dumbbells while a PEV rubber coating protects the floors. The coating tightly encases the alloy steel heads. The PEV coating is a multi-layer coating that’s chip-resistant. For any trainee who tends to drop weights, these dumbbells are perfect. 

These dumbbells are as easy to use as they are to store. The compactness conferred by the materials makes ToughFit’s dumbbells one of the most space-friendly 

ToughFit Dumbbells come in pairs. Also, trainees can select from 10 pounds to a whopping 50 pounds. Regardless of the weight, these dumbbells from ToughFit do the company’s name justice.  

Improve Your Strength and Condition With the Best Dumbbells on the Market!

The right set of dumbbells can make your strength and conditioning workouts effective and comfortable. Also, the right dumbbells can go a long way in protecting your hands and the floors of your home or facility. 

These dumbbells are sure to add bicep inches and strength for your clinches. Check out the latest prices of these top-of-the-market dumbbell options on Amazon!