5 Reasons To Enroll in Martial Arts For Kids Near Me

Top 5 Reasons To Enroll in Martial Arts For Kids Near Me

The kids in your life need more than just a video game and TV to occupy their time. Martial arts for kids near me is an excellent way for children to stay active, learn self-discipline, and build confidence. Whether you’re looking for something fun or want them to learn how to defend themselves against bullies, this blog post has 5 reasons why martial arts classes are the perfect fit.

5 Reasons To Enroll in Martial Arts For Kids Near Me

Being a kid is tough these days!

Basically, your child gets pulled in two different directions all the time, the path of respect and discipline from parents, family, and teachers, but then also a path of disrespect from peers, social media, and pop culture. 

That’s where we come in! Our dedicated training staff has been practicing MMA, BJJ, and Traditional Martial Arts for decades. 

We have proven our concept over and over with our own children and the children of Granite Bay and Roseville. 

Let’s explore how we, at GBJJ, can use our decades of experience to help you shape your child’s development and keep them on track with a head held high, full of confidence, discipline, and respect.

  1. Kids Will Get Plenty Of Exercise

Do you have kids that are looking for something to do? Martial arts is a great way to get them off the couch and stay active.

Your child can burn calories and gain muscle while learning discipline and focus at the same time! 

Children who participate in martial arts classes will be more physically fit than those who don’t, which helps reduce the potential risk of obesity and other diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or arthritis later in life. 

No matter what class they take – whether it’s karate, BJJ or taekwondo – they’ll be getting a full-body workout without even realizing it.   

  1.  They’ll Learn Self-Defense and Conflict Resolution Techniques

There are many reasons to enroll your kids in martial arts and the benefits they will reap go beyond just physical. Learning how to defend themselves can help keep children safe when they’re outside playing with their friends or walking home from school.

Many children when faced with a threatening situation either do not react out of pure fear and have a lack of self-defense techniques, giving the bully an opportunity to belittle, embarrass and even worse, potentially injure your child. 

Conversely, your child might over-react as they are not trained in conflict resolution, effectively taking a situation that could have been avoided and escalating it to a point that your child gets in trouble or injures another child. 

In both of these scenarios, giving your child the tools needed to avoid conflict when it’s possible, or defend themselves when the conflict cannot be avoided, are setting your child up for success in school and later in life. 

  1.  Your Child Will Start To Embrace Self-Discipline and Respect

As parents, we know that raising good kids can be tough! But with martial arts classes available to help teach them right from wrong and how to handle their emotions appropriately, it can drastically improve your child’s daily activities in both school and home. 

Each day, we implement rules and try to teach our children to respect others. However, peer pressure can be powerful against a good-willed child. In addition, social media toxicity, other kids’ influence, and a general lack of respect in society all tell our kids that they can do whatever they want. 

By enrolling your child in Martial Arts, you are giving your child the tools needed to make the right choices with discipline, and treating everyone they encounter with respect, all reinforced each night in our kid’s class with our dedicated staff.

We truly love seeing the development of the kids in our kids classes and hearing about all the success they carry with them when they go off the mats and into school. 

  1. Confidence 

It’s pretty simple, kids who are not confident, fearful, unsure will make poor choices when faced with a tough decision. We see this all the time. 

A child is faced by their peers to make a bad choice, they lack the confidence to make the correct choice as it’s easier to not challenge their peers and just give in. 

Tough choices for kids come in many forms. For example, it could be as simple as making a sarcastic comment to a teacher to get a laugh in class, shoplift, skip class or maybe, a choice to fight another kid in class. 

Social and peer pressure makes “doing the right thing” very hard, even as adults many find it hard to tell the crowd “no”. 

However, the biggest way to improve the odds that your child makes the right choice (even when no one is looking) is to arm them with their own individual confidence that guides them and keeps them in a position to not fear the outcome when they make the right choice, even in defiance of peers’ opinions. 

Martial arts for kids provides that confidence through a series of events. From starting on day 1 when your child is nervous when stepping on the mats. 

Getting through that first class ignites a small spark of confidence that we continue to build on each day in class, molding your child through hard work, belt promotions, and challenge events. 

  1. Join a Community!

Have you noticed? Kids these days mention they will go “play with their friends” just to head into their bedroom and start gaming online with kids they have never met, don’t really know, and never venture outside.

Enrolling your kids in martial arts changes that. Kids are immersed in a hands-on environment where close contact with each other is required. Kids form friendships, bonds and even make life-long friends along the way! 

This newfound (in-person) friendship starts to manifest itself in many positive ways. Your child starts to see their “Jiu-Jitsu friends” when with you at the grocery store. Or maybe they start receiving birthday party invites from kids in their karate class. Events like this place your child into a new, positive community of other kids who are all trying to become better people full of confidence, respect, and discipline, the type of kids you wanted them to be friends within the first place. 

Who knows, they may even start playing Fortnite less…..or maybe not.

Final Thoughts: Why Martial Arts For Kids Near Me?

When searching for a “martial arts for kids near me” you will likely come across several schools to pick from. Here at Granite Bay Jiu-Jitsu in Roseville, we understand this and thank you for considering us for your child’s development. 
If you would like to learn more about how GBJJ can improve your child’s health, mindset, and confidence that carries both at home and when your child heads out into the world.  We offer a free 7-day Jui-Jitsu pass for local members as well as Free Online Classes to help fund our Non-Profit.