Ways Kids Karate Lessons Can Change The World

Ways Kids Karate Lessons Can Change The World

Choosing the right martial art for your child can be a challenge. There are so many martial arts that offer something to improve your child’s overall upbringing. 

However, did you know that something as simple as enrolling your child in kids karate can lead to a series of events that could in-fact help change the world?

We’re not kidding

From improved mental health and cognitive development, as well as teach kids to be honest, respectful, determined, and self-sufficient. 

Your child may be interested in martial arts, but unsure where to start and they may be asking themselves “what martial art should I learn?”.

If this sounds familiar to your or your child’s interests, stick around, and let’s explore the many benefits that a child can receive by enrolling in kids karate

Improved Mental Health

Children live in a modern world filled with distractions. From online learning, video games, and YouTube, to parents and friends who are experiencing an ever-changing world with new challenges. 

Believe it or not, our society is almost encouraging kids to doubt themselves and fear the unknown. 

In our kid’s karate class, we teach your child to not only reject this ideation, but to embrace their new role as a leader, critical thinker, and problem solver.

Kids are immersed in a stressful and distracting environment and without proper direction, physical exercise, and self-confidence, a child can end up depressed and full of anxiety at an age where they should be learning to change the world. 

Each day in kids karate, your child will be greeted with new challenges and instruction that help your child build on their budding aspirations and reinforce a positive mindset. 

From the physical exercise involved in kids’ karate to the breakthroughs of their own imposed mental barriers, your child’s mental health will get a much-deserved boost from kids’ karate

Improved Cognitive Development

Kids karate offers all children an opportunity to take on new tasks and build on their cognitive development. Your child will be learning new methods to communicate, problem-solve, and apply techniques with precision on each day of class. 

Something as simple as a series of kicks and punches may seem not very challenging to the untrained eye, but each movement has a series of thought processes and techniques that require your child to develop their hand-eye coordination in each class. 

Your child will not only be learning strikes like punches and kicks but also how to effectively de-escalate a potentially violent encounter using the most powerful weapon in the world – their mind. 

In addition, in a kids karate class, there will be a mentally stimulating curriculum that challenges your child to learn the karate belt system, credos, and ethos to live by and these will be reinforced through class instructions and daily questions and answers between the coaches and your child to ensure it is retained and understood. 

An Honest Child

All children who enroll in kids karate classes learn from day one that honesty is an essential tool in any leader’s toolbox and must be developed at all times. 

From what may seem like a little ‘white lie” to a full-blown example of dishonesty, it all will be treated the same, all young warriors in kids karate will learn that while there may be many ways to handle a situation, honesty is the foundation of all choices made both here at GBJJ and outside of the gym as well. 

Our instructors at GBJJ will drive these honesty ethos home on a daily basis and teach your child that honesty is not only cool but an absolute must for anyone who steps foot on the mats.

Each day of class, you can expect the coaches of GBJJ to quietly monitor the interactions each child has in class.

If a situation arises where an honest action was not taken, this becomes a time to not berate or embarrass the child but to teach and uplift the child to make the right choice and correct the dishonesty. 

A Determined Child

Children are faced with many challenges as they grow up. If a child starts to lose confidence in themselves or their true potential, you may see a decline in their determination. 

A child doesn’t lose determination because they are unable to do something or just not good enough, a child loses determination because they lose self-belief.

Each day at GBJJ, our kid’s karate program uses a series of confidence-building programs that are seamlessly woven into our kid’s karate curriculum to build your child’s confidence and determination.

Watching our children enter our doors full of concern and self-doubt and leave with a head held high and a determined outlook is one of the many priceless reasons a kid’s karate class is a beast when it comes to building a healthy, determined young person. 

From role-playing with anti-bully scenarios to seeing your child face an intimidating encounter to getting stronger and more capable each week, your child’s determination levels will reach new heights. 

A Self-Sufficient Child

Children are often considered “unable” or “not capable”, after all, they are kids, right? Nope! 

Our kid’s karate program at GBJJ is launching the abilities and confidence of our kids to show them they CAN do whatever it is they want to do.

The cornerstone of any kid’s karate program is to teach and reinforce to your child they are more capable than they ever imagined. 

At GBJJ, through skilled instruction, a safe learning environment, and a positive team atmosphere, your child will grow into their new, confident mindset, ready to change the world. 

A Child Ready To Change The World

Children enrolled in the GBJJ kids karate program are equipped with the tools needed to change the world. 

From problem-solving to making new friends from all walks of life, your child’s development in a solid kids karate program cannot be replicated anywhere else. 

Karate for kids takes a group of children from all walks of life, all social and economic backgrounds and teaches them that through respect, hard work, and dedication, they CAN change the world.
If your child is ready to launch their inner superhero, then no time has ever been better than right now to start training at Granite Bay Jiu-Jitsu. Get started with a free week of training, click here!