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Looking At Jiu Jitsu Schools? Here’s 10 Big Things To Look For!

When people are looking for high-quality, excellent Jiu Jitsu schools, typically, it’ll be more complicated than they originally anticipated. Most people will assume that all schools are the same and therefore it doesn’t matter which they choose, but in truth, this is not true and something that we advise against for newcomers.

Often newcomers are eager to start Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and, assuming that all are alike, pick the first one they come across. Unfortunately, all BJJ schools are different, and it does matter greatly which customers choose since it will significantly impact their first experience and whether they will continue BJJ. We understand this, so we’ve compiled a list of ten things to look for in Jiu-Jitsu schools below. Readers need to remember that the BJJ school they choose doesn’t have to meet every aspect of this criteria; instead, they should keep these features in mind when selecting one.

These are areas they want to be aware of and think about before they choose, but the school they choose can include only some of the considerations we list. Read on to learn about the ten things to look for in Jiu-Jitsu schools!

Think About Proximity

One of the most important aspects of a BJJ gym is thinking about proximity. Readers should consider how close BJJ classes are to their homes or workplace. As with any training, students must be consistent with their training if they want to see results. A great deal of focus and consistency usually depends on how difficult it is to reach the gym location. If students have to battle hours of traffic and need help making time crunches, they’ll be less apt to attend classes and stay consistent with their training. Proximity must be a priority for students when they’re looking for a school so that they can stick to a consistent schedule.

Class Schedule

Although it may seem obvious, this is an aspect that many students overlook and end up running into issues when their scheduled classes clash with their personal routines. When students are looking for a BJJ gym, it’s essential that one of the first things they do is closely examine the class schedule and what classes the gym has available at different times. Many gyms will offer various class times for BJJ to align with students’ busy schedules, but it’s still important to check. Even if they can’t take night classes at the moment, it’s still essential that they have a variety of classes in case their schedule changes, and they can switch things up.


One of the most critical aspects students must remember is the proper budget. The right budget is an essential element that students should put a fair amount of thought into before they sign up for a BJJ gym. It’s not just about the monthly membership fee––students have to consider the other costs included, such as the equipment, apparel, and competition fees they’ll be charged. Students want to choose the most affordable gym that will value them as customers for what they’re paying.

Consider School Facilities

This is a big one since the gym facilities significantly impact students considering that the gym is where they’ll spend a great deal of time if they’re consistently going to classes. The gym they choose should have the maximum facilities available that are clean and welcoming. Students should fully assess the situation and look at the facilities to see if they’re clean and orderly. People can tell a great deal about a gym by the cleanliness of their bathroom and how hygienic it is. If a gym isn’t taking good care of its facilities, then the rest of the gym probably isn’t too clean. Students should consider this and other facilities such as parking, shower, and changing areas.

The Reputation

The reputation of the school and the instructor is critical for students to consider when looking into BJJ schools. It might be their first choice to use Google or Yelp reviews they find on the internet, but sometimes it’s best to look in other places where people will give accurate and honest feedback. Instead, they should use Reddit or online Facebook communities that discuss Jiu Jitsu schools in the community and their reputation. If students don’t see the BJJ gym they’re looking into, they can always post and ask members’ advice about the particular school.

Consider Key Areas Of The Class

Since classes are what they’ll be taking and their main focus at the BJJ gym, students should think about critical components of classes, such as the size, structure, and type. Students want to choose a class that is neither too small nor too large and is the type of class they’re looking to take. They want to make sure that they have a variety of training partners while still being a small enough class that they can stand out individually. Finally, students should ensure they choose a class that accepts their experience level when they’re starting, whether they’re beginners or more experienced.

The Instructor Belt Rank

Another aspect that students want to ensure they pay attention to when looking for a BJJ gym is their instructor. Specifically, they want to focus on their instructor’s belt rank. When looking at schools and the classes they offer, one of the first things they should do is look at what instructor will be teaching the class and their belt rank. Usually, a BJJ practitioner will achieve black belt status after teaching for ten or more years. Students want to ensure that they are taught by an instructor that is not only experienced on the mats but also capable of promoting them and teaching them in a qualified way.

Look At Student Belt Depth

One of the most important things students want to look at and be aware of when looking at Jiu Jitsu schools is student belt depth. What does this mean? It means seeing how many students are in each belt color ranking at that particular gym. Typically, students will want to see a couple of black belts, brown belts, and many blue and white belts. Why does this matter? Well, it’s a sign of a healthy gym operating successfully.

The Vibe

It may not seem like one of the more essential factors when choosing your BJJ gym, but students must vibe with the school they choose. Since this is where they’ll be spending a great deal of time and where they’ll be growing and changing as a person, they should enjoy the space. Students should examine the overall vibe of the school and assess if they like it. They should enjoy the time they spend at the school and the energy of their fellow students and instructors, so they should evaluate the energy and vibe of the school before choosing one.

Focus On Goals

Anyone who’s looking into Jiu Jitsu schools should already be thinking about their goals and know why they’re looking for a gym in the first place. They may be looking into BJJ gyms because they want to compete, or they may simply be looking into self-defense. It’s important that whatever their goals are and the reason they’re looking into classes, the school they choose offers precisely that. Depending on the gyms, some tend to be more self-defense centered while others are focused on competitions, so it depends on which one you choose for your needs.

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