BJJ Gear: Best BJJ Bags, BJJ Soap, and Defense Soap

The best soaps for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu help prevent infection, clean any amount of sweat, dirt, and grime, and keep one smelling great. We’ve found a couple that fit the bill and a gym bag to put them in.

Defense soap has a great blend of essential oils to help with everything you need while still being all-natural and safe for sensitive skin. Gold BJJ soap has a similar mix of essential oils with tea tree oil at the forefront and options for activated charcoal or peppermint versions. In addition, the plant matter within their bars provides a more artisanal feeling.

1 – Bjj Gym Bag

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The Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Duffle Bag is the larger option, 44L capacity duffle from Gold BJJ. BJJ bags tend to need a decent amount of room and organization, which this has. It comes with a waterproof GI pocket and is made with water-resistant PVC and durable two-tone polyester to keep all your gear safe and secure.

The bag has room for multiple gis, a dedicated inner pouch for your belt, a huge front pocket for tape and toiletries, and mesh organizers on the side for storing your phone and other accessories. One of the best features is the waterproof pocket, allowing you to separate your sweaty and dirty gear from everything else cleanly.

I love the amount of organization available, especially the front pocket, which allows a bunch of stuff to be easily accessed, but it does have some problems.

The bag is just a bit too small for a large-sized gis and pants. However, it can hold a lot for those in the small to medium range.

The bag is easy to carry with its over-the-shoulder strap, and the size is not so large that it gets in the way when walking around.

Finally, and this is more subjective, but the bag has an excellent style with a lightweight design. The size is great for taking to and from classes without feeling like one is going on an overnight hiking trip. It’s also easy to wash out when it gets musty—a great buy.

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2 – Gold BJJ Soap

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Gold BJJ’s Premium Tea Tree Oil Soap is a great soap for Jiu Jitsu with three options: charcoal, classic, and peppermint. Made with a unique blend of essential tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil to reinforce your skin’s natural defense. This is often damaged by the harsh chemicals in many soaps. This all-natural BJJ soap prevents that problem and helps the skin maintain its protection over time.

The dried plants kept inside the soap makes it look and feel more artisanal, which is just cool. One thing to note is that it’s tea tree oil forward in smell, which is a generally refreshing scent but may not be for everyone. The essential tea tree oil is one of the main ingredients which gives it it’s medicinal properties.

The soap is sourced to be vegan and GMO-free. It also contains some anti-fungal properties, helping speed up fungal rashes’ recovery and prevent future breakouts. It leaves you both feeling and smelling great after a tough session.

One problem for some people might be the softness of the soap bar itself after a few uses. This is because it can lose some of its structure over time and isn’t as hard as some other soaps, which travel better.

Finally, the soap should work well for people with mildly sensitive skin. Sometimes a change in soap can bother the skill but this one with its all-natural ingredients is unlikely to do so. It also feels soothing on mild injuries compared to the harsh feeling of other soaps.

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3 – Defense Soap

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Like Gold BJJ’s soap, Defense soap uses the clinically proven combination of tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus to provide many benefits. For example, removes not just dirt and grime, but also oils and helps protect the skin’s natural barrier. In addition, the soap doesn’t irritate small wounds, can help with fungal infections, and helps to regulate dead skin cells and sebum production.

The peppermint and tea tree oil scent also provides some aromatherapy benefits, improving mood and increasing alertness. In addition, the individually boxed soaps mean that they are easy to store for long periods and keep separated.

The soap can help with jock itch, fungal infections, and other classic contact sport hygiene problems. Its best used as a preventative measure, as it helps to protect the skin barrier over time. It can still be used to help recover from infections, fungal infections, and rashes, but should continue to be used afterward to prevent any future outbreaks.

The soap is good for sensitive skin, with no added fragrances, dyes, alcohol, or sulfate. The peppermint is relatively minor in smell, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Although it helps with oil regulation, it’s not meant to be an acne soap and is not formulated to prevent it. Instead, try something with salicylic acid. Mainly, its a great soap to prevent infections, deodorize, and clean all the dirt, oil, and sweat from a tough workout.

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Either soap is an excellent option, and it’s down to preference for which works better for you. The peppermint is not too strong in the defense soap, but you can go for the BJJ soap made with tea tree oil for a different scent.

One of the Gold BJJ bags we’ve reviewed is perfect for storing all your stuff, including soaps with a decent amount of room. It’s convenient to have the waterproof separate inner pocket to keep your dirty clothes from mixing with your clean stuff and keeping hygienic.

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