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evidence-based self-defense

begins with physical fitness, movement, and technique

family-friendly environment

clean, friendly, and safe

bullyproof programs

build confidence, respect, and discipline


self-defense and street awareness fundamentals for real-world scenarios

martial arts are for everyone

benefits include stress reduction, weight control,
weight loss, coordination, and physical fitness

world class

detail oriented and systematic brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, and wrestling instruction

become part of our team

and take pride in the community we're building

led by professor ryan rich

1st degree black belt and professor of gracie jiu-jitsu under 7th degree black belt master charles gracie

we strive to mold

great martial artists and even greater individuals

welcome to the charles gracie jiu-jitsu association

with 25 active locations offering authentic gracie jiu-jitsu


I simply cannot recommend granite bay jiu-jitsu enough as I have entrusted my whole family to the very capable hands of Coach Ryan...and you would not be wrong in doing so too.


Ryan and the granite bay jiu-jitsu family have been life-changing for both my 13-year-old daughter and for me (45 year-old).

I've known coach Ryan for a few years and I can say that he is always in a great mood. I'm so happy to see granite bay jiu-jitsu thriving, it's because of Ryan's positive energy and hard work...he can take a class of squirmy kiddos and guide them with firm discipline and boundaries and they just think they are having a blast!

The best BJJ academy in the greater Sacramento area... hands down.  Ryan Rich has been my instructor for several years and has coached my oldest son (6 years old) for several years.  My middle son (4 years old) has just recently started to train under Ryan and views him as a second father.  

My son is 6 and obviously knew nothing about the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. A friend of mine gave me Ryan's name as a referral and we decided to give his classes a shot. In a nutshell, he loves the classes, he loves what he is learning and thoroughly loves going to "train" with Mr. Ryan. As a parent, it is great to see your child develop relationships with positive role models and Ryan is just that.

granite bay jiu-jitsu is by far my favorite place to train. As a business owner, my expectations are always high of how someone conducts business, Ryan is the first to truly exceed my expectations, so much so, I had my mother and grandfather take classes.

6 am adult theory and drilling (gi)
11:30 am adult all levels (gi)
4:30 pm youth (ages 4-6)
5:15 pm youth (ages 7-9)
6 pm youth (ages 10-15)
7 pm adult wrestling and judo for bjj

11:30 am adult all levels (gi)
4:30 pm youth (ages 4-6)
5:15 pm youth (ages 7-9)
6 pm youth (ages 10-15)
7 pm adult all levels (gi)

6 am adult theory and drilling (no gi)
11:30 am adult all levels (no gi)
4:30 pm youth (ages 4-6)
5:15 pm youth (ages 7-9)
6 pm youth (ages 10-15)
7 pm adult all levels (no gi)

11:30 am adult all levels (gi)
4:30 pm youth (ages 4-6)
5:15 pm youth (ages 7-9)
6 pm youth (ages 10-15)
7 pm all levels (gi)

6 am adult theory and drilling (gi)
5 pm youth competition team
6 pm adult competition team

9 am youth (ages 4-15)
10 am adult all levels & youth competition team (gi)


chris kronkright

bjj and judo black belt, future bbq pit master

christie zelnik

speech therapist, small business owner, and bjj brown belt

canyon twer

third degree bjj black belt, elite trainer, and fitness expert

brandon pressly

first degree bjj black belt, phd candidate, with an mba on the horizon

jason mica

strength guru, wrestling expert, and bjj purple belt