Knee Sleeves

BJJ Gear: Best BJJ Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves are a great addition to anyone’s BJJ gear. However, many out there are too clunky to wear while doing Jiu-Jitsu or are specialized for other purposes.

We’ve tracked down three of the best ones for BJJ in particular, looking at their comfort, flexibility, durability, and moisture-wicking properties, along with their ability to reduce inflammation and support the knee. 

With this selection, you should be able to find a pair that suits your needs.

1- Bauerfeind Knee Sleeve

The Bauerfeind Knee Sleeve uses incorporated silicone Omega to relieve pressure on the kneecap. It also provides intermittent compression to increase circulation in the surrounding areas. This helps with swelling and inflammation, as well as provides pain relief to the knee joint. 

There are many different sizes, so refer to the sizing chart and video to measure your best fit properly. This is important to avoid slippage with the knee sleeve.

The soft knit fabric is stretchy, breathable, and comfortable. It is woven to wick sweat away from the skin. The braces are machine washable while maintaining elasticity. They also allow for a consistent temperature at the knee, even when worn for extended periods. 

The main use of the knee sleeve for BJJ is to prevent and treat knee strains and sprains, as well as any kind of inflammation. 

The Bauerfeind provides incredible support to the knee and lessens any pain felt over time considerably.

One benefit for BJJ compared to other knee sleeves is the low profile. It helps when rolling because other knee braces tend to be too thick, heavy, and loose-fitting to work effectively. That’s why it is vital to get the right size when purchasing one.

Unfortunately, the one downside is that It is a bit more expensive than other options. However, it is well worth it for the level of support and low profile it provides. 

2 – Incrediwear Knee Sleeve 

Incrediwear’s knee sleeve is a form-fitting knee brace that features semiconductor material to stimulate body heat and increase circulation. It is made of a polyester, nylon, and cotton blend that is excellent for moisture-wicking and elasticity.

Unlike a compression sleeve, these are non-invasive and help to reduce inflammation and relieve pain without needing to come off often.

The fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking, allowing it to alleviate inflammation without getting in the way of sweat and temperature regulation while performing. There are two stays for support on either side and a particular area for the kneecap. 

These can be worn 24/7 to relieve muscle soreness and speed up knee recovery. This is optimal for those who want to set it and forget with an active lifestyle, as they can be worn all day without getting too hot or sweaty and provide adequate support all day. 

The cotton does mean it can take a while to dry when it does get too wet, which can be frustrating. However, the materials are high quality and feel durable. It’s also quite comfortable to wear for long periods. 

Overall, the Incrediwear Knee Brace provides a nice balance of comfort that means you can wear it all day, which is perfect for BJJ.

3 – Cambivo Knee Sleeve

The Cambivo Knee Sleeve is made from a nylon, latex, and spandex blend, having no problems with moisture retention. The make is highly durable and built for comfort and design, which works well for pressure relief on the knee joint.

It reduces knee pain caused by exercise and other conditions but alleviates pressure on the knees and reduces swelling and inflammation. It also supports muscle recovery by heating the area and increasing circulation, promoting faster healing. 

The anti-slip silicone waves provide a secure grip on the knee, providing superior reinforcement without becoming uncomfortable. This is an excellent compromise between too rigid of a support and too loose and unhelpful of a knee sleeve. 

The Cambivo’s have a solid amount of compression to help with knee pain without becoming uncomfortable or interfering with movement. They provide immediate relief when putting them on and continuous support afterward.

They also have a highly durable design that is excellent for stabilizing the joint. 

Another fun factor is that they look good compared to other options, so you can wear them in public, and they make sense as a part of your gear. 

The only negatives are that sometimes they can slip, and it can be hard to get the sizing right. So make sure to measure twice, purchase once. 

Overall, these are great value for the cost and balance many important factors when looking for a good knee brace for BJJ. 


Each of our three picks is a great option for a BJJ knee sleeve. It comes down to your preference between them.

The Bauerfeind is probably the best all-around pick, but it is more expensive. Whereas the Cambivo has a cool design and is excellent for rolling around in, but can’t be worn all the time. The Incrediwear is easiest to wear for the long term but doesn’t provide quite as much relief nor make as much sense to wear at the BJJ gym.

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