2022 BJJ Protective Gear: Wrestling Mouthguard and Wrestling Headgear

Injuries in wrestling are a common occurrence. Injuries can take place on any part of the body from the head and mouth to the feet. You can incorporate some strategies as a sportsman to help prevent these types of injuries from occurring. You must know how to protect your head and ears from injuries in wrestling using a wrestling mouthguard and the likes.

Importance of Using Wrestling Protective Gear

 Wrestling protective gear is essential because it can save your life. Without wrestling protective gears, you are more likely to be injured in the ears, head, and mouth. You may suffer from concussions or permanent ear damage if you expose any body parts to injury. Wrestling with no protection will increase the risk of being hurt, so wrestling headgear, ear guards, and wrestling mouthguards are necessary to prevent injuries.

How to Buy Wrestling Protective Gears for the Ears, Head and Mouth

 There are several ways to find wrestling protective gears for ears, head, and mouth. You can search online on different websites that sell them, including Amazon or Google shopping. Some sporting goods stores also carry these products in stock, while some do not offer this product at all.

 There is a large variety of styles and colors to choose from when buying these products. In addition, there are different prices for each product range from a few dollars up to $50 or more. This all depends on the style and quality of the purchased gear.

 Starting in wrestling can be very intimidating, especially if you have never been involved with any combat sport before. However, many young wrestlers are often discouraged by their parents from participating because of the risk of getting hurt. This is not true, though, since protective wrestling gears for ears, mouth, and head can prevent many common injuries while competing on a mat.

 Some wrestlers may feel that wearing these protective gears takes some skill away from the game, but they do not interfere with wrestling techniques and tactics. These products can allow wrestlers to compete safely and still be very competitive.

ASICS Unisex Gel Wrestling Ear Guard

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 When it comes to wrestling, an essential part of the body that needs protection is the ear. This is where the ASICS ear guard comes in. The design of the ASICS Unisex Gel Wrestling Ear Guard is to shield your ear from any harm when the blows land on it.

Product Features

 The product has excellent features that enhance its performance; they include;


 The product is light, ensuring that it only offers protection and your ear remains functioning without being hurt. You don’t get the feeling that you have something heavy on, which can be distracting.


 It is easily adjustable to suit your comfort preference. This is also a great feature since ears come in different shapes and sizes.

Gel Tech Cushioning Feature

 The product has the Gel technology feature, which makes it ear-friendly. You won’t have to worry about toxic remittance from the material damaging your ear. There is maximum protection for your ear with no obstruction to your hearing.


 The product is for everyone regardless of sex. They can easily wear it without any problem.

Advantages of the ASICS Unisex Gel Wrestling Ear Guard

 • It is easily adjustable

 • It is affordable

 • It is readily available

 • It lasts long

 • It is comfortable

Who is ASICS Unisex Gel Wrestling Ear Guard for?

 The product is for everyone in wrestling, both young and old.

 According to clients, the ASICS Unisex Gel Wrestling Ear Guard is the best purchase for their children. They stated that it is comfortable, fitted, and protective of all ears. The price is reasonable too, which makes this product a significant investment to make when choosing protectors. In addition, the ASICS Unisex Gel Wrestling Ear Guard is an excellent choice because you can use it with many helmets.

Where to get ASICS Unisex Gel Wrestling Ear Guard?

Matman Wrestling Headgear Adult Ear Guard Ultra Soft Grappling Head Guard

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 If you want extended protection for both your head and ears, then Matman headgear Adult Ear Guard Ultra Soft Grappling Head Guard is for you. The design offers maximum safety and comfort when you engage in wrestling.

Product Features

 The Matman headgear for wrestling has excellent features that are useful for any wrestler like;


 You can try different variations with the straps to find the perfect fit for you. This ensures that you are protected without having to strain.

Quality Material

 The Matman Wrestling Headgear Adult Ear Guard Ultra Soft Grappling Head Guard is made from high-quality material and can withstand even the roughest situations.


 The Matman Wrestling Headgear Adult Ear Guard Ultra Soft Grappling Head Guard is long-lasting, and you are sure it will serve for a long time. It is breathable with a string texture.

Advantages of the Matman Wrestling Headgear Adult Ear Guard Ultra Soft Grappling Head Guard

 • It is easy to adjust

 • It is comfy

 • It is easy to clean

 • It dries up fast

 • It has a soft neoprene

Target Audience

 The product is for teenagers and anyone over 100 pounds.

 Many customers say that the Matman headgear Adult Ear Guard Ultra Soft Grappling Head Guard is very comfortable to wear, easy to use, and durable. The customer service of this product is also excellent as they quickly respond to any questions or concerns raised by the customers. Furthermore, you can also buy this product and expect prompt delivery. 

Where to get the product

Shield Sports – Adult Double Density Wrestling Mouthguard

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 This is the best product for a wrestling mouthguard if you want to protect your teeth from the most common sports injuries on the head. It is customized to offer the ultimate protection against blows from different sports.

Product Features

 Some of the features the product has included;

Double Density

 The product comes with two layers for enhanced protection.


 Unlike other similar products, this one is strapless and customized to fit the user.

Custom Fit

 Even under challenging situations, the product stays in place thanks to its bite and boil fitting feature.

Dental Warranty

 It has a dental warranty valued at $10000.

Advantages of Shield Sports – Adult Double Density Wrestling Mouthguard

 • It is available in different colors

 • It is all rounded, and therefore you can use it in other sports

 • It is latex and BPA free

 • Easy to fit

Target Audience

 Adults can use and will fit perfectly the product

 When it comes to Shield Sports – Adult Double Density Mouth Guard, the customers say it is suitable for training and sparring in martial arts. The mouth guard also helps to prevent injuries, reduce concussions and head trauma when hitting the ground. This product has also made many safety improvements compared to its previous versions, which is an advantage, especially if you are into this kind of sport or activity.

Where to get the product

 Wrestling protective gear is essential to wear when you are practicing or competing. The more worn gears, the better chance of staying safe there is during practice or competition. No wrestler should be without these items if they want to stay injury-free.

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