how to wash bjj gi

How To Wash Bjj Gi And Best Laundry Detergent To Avoid Stains

It’s easy to get dried-on sweat and other stains like grass, blood, and dirt all over one’s gi, especially if you practice often. So we’ve looked at a few different laundry detergents to help you figure out how to wash BJJ Gi and which one will keep your gi feeling fresh and smelling great.

Depending on whether you are looking for the best value, best stain-fighting, or best-scent, there are different options. You may also need one that’s scent and dye-free yet still powerful, depending on your sensitivities. 

1 – Oxiclean To Avoid Stinky, Stained Gi’s

Oxiclean is a brand known for making a versatile stain remover, using its formula to eliminate almost any stubborn stain. Their laundry detergent is made from a powerful formula built to help get out stains, especially well with their other products. 

Their stain removers are some of the best in the market and putting a dash of it on any old, dried-in stains before a wash will work wonders with Oxiclean’s detergent. 

The formula is so potent that you only need to use a small amount for each load. This saves you money in the long run if you are consistently dealing with stained and smelly gis.

One drawback is that Oxiclean doesn’t get the laundry to smell as good and is a little pricey compared to other detergents. However, it still gets all the smells out of your gi well. It just doesn’t leave you with as much of that after-laundry fresh smell. 

Depending on how dirty your gear regularly gets, it can be worth the cost for the extra power it provides. 

It can deal with tough, dried-on stains, including sweat stains, and also removes grass, blood, dirt, and food stains. So, it’s perfect if you are looking for the most powerful stain remover on this list. But, if you are finding yourself with serious stains often, you’ll likely have to use a good strain remover as well to get them out.

2 – Tide Free And Gentle To Avoid Stinky, Stained Gi’s – Minimal Allergens

Tide has been a gold standard of laundry detergents for decades and shows no signs of slowing down. For example, Tide pods are a great innovation that cleans most clothes and are a great choice if you are looking for something to use on the go or something to just throw into the machine and not think about it.

Here, we’ve decided to recommend something a bit different with their Free and Gentle formula, for those looking for a way to clean their gi with minimal allergens, scents, and other sensitivities.

Its formula is just as powerful as regular Tide but much easier on the skin for those with eczema or other itching problems. It’s dermatologist recommended and free of all dyes and perfumes.

It comes in both HE and non-HE options, depending on your washer’s configuration. How to wash BJJ Gi may vary based on the configuration of your washer. 

This is also a great detergent for keeping your whites white, as it doesn’t spread dyes very much nor stain colors over time. 

For its price, it’s a high-value detergent that is great for sensitive skin while still providing a powerful stain-removing formula. Although it doesn’t leave a scent, it removes all the stink for a gi and leaves it feeling fresh.

3 – Gain Detergent To Avoid Stinky, Stained Gi’s 

Gain’s new aroma boost technology leaves a persistent, intoxicating smell after cleaning your laundry, coming out feeling fresh every time. The one linked comes in their “blissful breeze” scent, which smells of a spring day outdoors on green grass with a breeze coming by. It’s an excellent scent for going to the gym feeling fresh and confident. 

Gain laundry detergent works with both HE and non-HE washing machines, locking up and lifting away dirt and stains. It might not be as powerful as Oxiclean, but still boasts an excellent formula that will deal with most laundry situations. 

The detergent uses micro-capsules of scented perfume that gradually break open and release over time, keeping your clothes feeling fresh for weeks after the initial wash. 

Gain’s stain and sweat removal ability are quite good, considering it’s also less expensive than many other leading brands. The combination of scent, stain-removal, and value is just an excellent proposition. 

So, if you are looking for a great stain-removing detergent with a wonderful scent on a budget, Gain is a clear contender. 

How to Wash BJJ Gi

You can go with any detergent and get a decent clean for your gi for the most part. However, we’ve found these three are some of the best for different purposes, depending on what you need.

Oxiclean is best for stain removal, especially if you use it in conjunction with one of their stain removers. However, it doesn’t have as fresh a scent and is a bit expensive. 

Tide’s Free and Gentle is one of the best detergents for sensitive skin, with no dyes, perfumes, and a hypoallergenic formula, but still with the stain-fighting power of the original Tide.

Finally, Gain has the best and longest-lasting scent and is good on a budget. It only might not be as powerful as its rivals on the stain-removal front.

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