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Best BJJ Headgear To Prevent Cauliflower Ear

When it comes to protecting your head while training or in a match, BJJ headgear is essential. It supports the ears, protects against potential injuries, and helps reduce the risk of cauliflower ear.

Cauliflower ear is when the ear becomes wrinkled and bulbous from repeated trauma to the ear, such as hits. Most Jiu Jitsu fighters understand that cauliflower ear BJJ is a reality of participation in the sport. However, there are some things you can do to protect yourself and prevent cauliflower ear.

There are many different types of headgear available on the market today that provide protection as well as comfort during training or competition.

Headgear for BJJ can come in various shapes and sizes . Here are some of the most popular types:

1. Ear Covers: These are a great option for those looking for extra protection against cauliflower ear. They offer more coverage than regular headgear, and they also provide cushioning and support to the ears themselves.

2. Helmet Style Headgear: This type of headgear covers the entire head and face, providing maximum protection . It is typically made from sturdy materials and has padding for added comfort.

3. Ear Guards: These are designed to provide extra protection around the ears, and they also help prevent cauliflower ear. They usually come with adjustable straps so that you can get the right fit.

No matter what type of headgear you choose, make sure it fits properly and offers adequate protection while allowing you to move freely. BJJ headgear is essential for preventing injuries, protecting the ears.

If you’re looking for the best BJJ headgear to prevent cauliflower ear, read on:

1 – CauliBuds Cauliflower Ear Prevention Kit

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The CauliBuds Cauliflower Ear Prevention Kit is a magnetic ear treatment kit that helps prevent the ear damage that causes cauliflower ear. It is made with high-quality silicone rubber and powerful magnets. The Ear Prevention Kit is comfortable and applies the right amount of compression to protect the ear and prevent cauliflower ear.

BJJ practitioners designed the Caulibuds kit to ensure the most effective protection while training. The Caulibuds are designed to stay in place while the wearer is practicing Jiu Jitsu, helping keep the ears safe and protected.

Features of the Caulibuds Cauliflower Ear Prevention Kit include:

● High-quality silicone rubber and strong neodymium magnets

● One large magnet set (front and back magnet)

● One small magnet set (front and back magnet)

● Two sterilizing alcohol wipes

● Waterproof Storage Case

Caulibuds work as Jiu Jitsu headgear by using the compression power of silicone-encased magnets to prevent and treat cauliflower ear.

The kit has multiple 5-star ratings on Amazon. Reviews claim that Caulibuds really do work and suggest watching a YouTube video to learn how they work.

2 – Matman Wrestling Headgear

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The Matman Wrestling Headgear is a head guard designed to protect the ears when grappling. It fits over the head and ears with a strap that clasps under the chin. The guard comes in black and is made from a strong, breathable material. It has a soft exterior with a durable hard shell insert that offers protection for Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, and other high-contact sports.

Features of the Matman Wrestling Headgear include:

● Easily adjustable at 3 points; top of the head, back of the head, and chin strap.

● One size fits all, over 100 pounds.

● Made of lightweight neoprene material.

● Hand wash and hang dry.

This BJJ headgear is one of the Matman Store’s bestsellers. It is comfortable and effective protective headgear that helps prevent cauliflower ear. It has an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Reviews claim the Matman Wrestling Headgear is light, durable, and comfortable. Fighters agree that it works well, provides comfort, and does not prevent hearing.

3 – Cliff Keen EF66 Fusion Wrestling Headgear

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The Cliff Keen EF66 Fusion is one-size fits all headgear for BJJ. It comes in various color combinations: black/gold, black/cardinal, white/black, and white/royal. Made by Cliff Keen, the EF66 Fusion BJJ headgear is light and easily adjustable. It is a fusion of the other top headgear made by Cliff Keen, delivering extreme comfort and protection.

Features include:

● Multiple color combinations

● Made from a strong, comfortable plastic and interior foam

● One-size fits all for teen and adult

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, the Cliff Keen EF66 Fusion Wrestling Headgear is a top choice for preventing cauliflower ear. Reviews claim that the headgear is perfect for Jiu Jitsu sparring, as it is lightweight, comfortable, and practical. They say that the Fusion headgear blows other types of BJJ headgear out of the water, is simple to adjust, and is worth the money.

In conclusion, headgear is essential for any athlete or fighter engaging in contact sports such as BJJ, wrestling, boxing, and MMA. Headgear provides a layer of protection against lacerations and cauliflower ear, which can occur when the skin around the ears is repeatedly stretched and damaged. Different types of headgear are available to suit individual needs and preferences. Caulibuds are a popular option, as they are easy to use and adjustable. The Matman Wrestling Headgear and Cliff Keen EF66 Fusion are also both great choices when it comes to BJJ headgear. Whichever type of headgear you choose, make sure it fits well and offers the protection you need.

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