bjj shorts

Our Top 3 Favorite BJJ Shorts

Are you tired of your BJJ shorts constantly riding up during training? Do you find yourself continually readjusting and pulling them down, distracting you from

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shin guards

3 Shin Guards We Love For BJJ

Have you ever come out of a jiu jitsu class with bruises all over your shins? It’s a common problem for practitioners, especially those just

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best bjj gi

3 Best BJJ Gi Options For Women

Are you a woman who loves Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Are you tired of wearing ill-fitting and uncomfortable Gi’s designed for men? If so, you’re in luck

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finger tape

3 Best BJJ Finger Tapes! 

As a practitioner of jiu-jitsu, you know that your hands and fingers take a beating during training and competitions. Finger injuries are common and can

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