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BJJ Gear: Best Grappling Shorts 2022

Grappling shorts are an essential part of any BJJ practitioner’s gear. Fighters wear them to protect their groin area, and they allow for unrestricted movement during grappling exchanges. The best grappler shorts have a variety of features that make them stand out from the rest.

Hayabusa Hexagon BJJ Shorts

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Hayabusa Hexagon BJJ Shorts

Product Description – Hayabusa Hexagon BJJ Shorts

These BJJ shorts are made from 100% polyester material. They come in many different colors and feature the Hayabusa logo on both legs and an embroidered hexagon near the left side of the waistband, and mesh inserts for ventilation. There is also a small pocket on either leg that can be used to store your mouthguard or keys while training. They come in different sizes and are available for both men and women. Care instructions: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. Iron on low heat. It costs $59.00 and is available on Amazon with free shipping for Prime members or spending $25 or more.
Size Chart in inches :
Small 27-29
Medium 30-32
Large 33-35
XLarge 36-38
XXLarge 39‑41

Reviews Summary – Hayabusa Hexagon BJJ Shorts

They are great grappling shorts. They are comfortable, lightweight, and have a small pocket on either side to store keys or mouthguards. The padding in these is great! The shorts do not fit tightly, and the waistband is comfortable. The stitching also stays strong after many washes, which is nice because they require a bit of time in the dryer to get fully dried out.

Fuji – Baseline Grappling Shorts – Fight Shorts

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Fuji Grappling Shorts

Product Description – Fuji Grappling Shorts

The Fuji Baseline Shorts are made from 100% polyester material and come in many colors. The logo on the left leg is embroidered, while there is a stitched one on the right side of the waistband. These shorts have mesh panels that allow air to breathe through them well when worn. The mesh inserts are for ventilation which can help keep you cool during intensive training sessions. They fit pretty tight against your skin but still do not feel suffocating or uncomfortable because they are made with really soft material. These shorts lay flat across the stomach—no bulging anywhere! There are no issues with stitching coming loose either after washing multiple times like other brands. Care instructions: machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Do not bleach. These fight shorts cost $29.94-$35.00 and are available on Amazon with free shipping for Prime members or those who spend $25 or more.
Size Chart in inches :
Small 28‑30
Medium 31-33
Large 34-36
XLarge 37‑39
XXLarge 40‑42

Reviews Summary – Fuji Grappling Shorts

The Fuji Baseline Fight Shorts are a great option for those looking for affordable BJJ shorts with plenty of features to stand out from the competition, such as ventilation mesh inserts and stitched logos on either side of the waistband and 100% polyester material with high durability. The only downside is they don’t dry very quickly after washing them in a machine at home or by hand at a local laundromat if you do not own a dryer. They offer great protection for both men and women, who can purchase them in different colors.

Sanabul Essential MMA BJJ Cross Training Workout Shorts (Fight Shorts)

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Sanabul Essential MMA Fight Shorts

Product Description – Sanabal Fight Shorts

These mma shorts are made from a combination of polyester and spandex, which makes them extremely lightweight. They come in multiple colors: black, blue, grey, pink coral, red coral, and white/black combo with matching belt edge piping on the bottom left leg opening. The waistband is covered in the same spandex material and loops through a D-ring, which helps it stay together on your body when you’re training. There are mesh panels on each leg that make them breathable while also helping to keep moisture away from your skin—great for those who sweat easily or train multiple times per day! The stitching has stayed strong after many washes, and they do not pill like other brands of shorts (meaning no fuzz balls are forming). The mma shorts fit true to size without being too tight against the skin; some people prefer their grappling shorts looser, but these were perfect for me. Care instructions: machine wash cold with similar colors. Tumble dry low heat/flat dry recommended. Do not bleach or iron products. They cost $17.59-$19.99 and are available on Amazon with free shipping for Prime members or those who spend $25 or more.
Size Chart in inches :
Small 28‑30
Medium 31-33
Large 34-36
XLarge 37‑39
XXLarge 40‑42

Reviews Summary – Sanabal Fight Shorts

These are high-quality mma shorts recommended to everyone. They have mesh panels on the side of both legs for added ventilation, which helps keep your body cool during strenuous training sessions. The stitching is pretty tough and has held up well even after multiple washes like other brands (which tend to pill quickly). The only downside these BJJ shorts may have is they do not dry out very fast when washed at home by hand or in a local laundromat; you will need to let them hang dry outside overnight if possible before using again. They offer tons of different color options, so it’s easy to find ones that match your gym bag or other gear perfectly. These mma shorts can be worn to work out, do yoga, run errands—basically anything you want. They’re light and stretchy enough that they allow maximum mobility without feeling too constricting while wearing them during a workout session.

Qualities of Grappling Shorts

  • Durable and strong.
  • Breathability for hot gyms or outdoor training sessions during the summertime.
  • Tight-fitting without being too constricting to move around easily allows you to focus on your technique rather than worrying about how much these items are restricting your range of motion.
  • Price Range: $20 -$30 depending on brand and materials used (polyester/spandex mix is typically cheaper). Quality shorts that cost more tend to be made with higher-grade spandex material that doesn’t pill after multiple washes like other brands do; this makes them perfect for athletes who wear their gear every day regardless if they’re competing at an upcoming tournament.
  • Materials also determine how quickly each item dries out when washed either by hand or in a machine at home; if you live somewhere very hot, this is something to consider when purchasing grappler shorts for daily training sessions.

Grappler shorts are necessary for all BJJ students and athletes, especially if your gym is hot or you train multiple times per day. There are many colors to choose from. They also come with an affordable price tag without sacrificing quality materials that don’t pill like other brands do when washed repeatedly over time.

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