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The Best BJJ and MMA Finger Tape in 2022

Having dislocated fingers can have you performing sub-par on the mats and in the cage. You can prevent this by exercising caution and selecting the right finger tape. 

Finger tape, particularly BJJ finger tape, may just be the most important thing in your gym bag right now. After all, BJJ is a grappling art. 

As such, no one will tell you that BJJ finger tape isn’t useful. While choosing one might seem straightforward, know that there are hundreds on the market right now. The abundance of choices can leave you confused and indecisive.

Here’s some good news: 

We’ve narrowed your choices down to three. 

Join us as our team at Granite Bay Jiu-jitsu help you pick the right BJJ and MMA finger tape that’ll get you through your matches and training in 2022.

How to Choose the Right BJJ Finger Tape

Before telling what we think are BJJ tapes worthy of your mat time and money, let us go over what you need to look for. The right BJJ finger tape is the kind that fits your budget, holds up for a long time, and is versatile. 

Here are the above-mentioned qualities in greater detail: 


For all its usefulness, BJJ finger tape is, at the end of the day, tape. You use it. Then, you discard it at the end of a training session, Na-Waza, tournament, or match. 

Hence, it isn’t practical to splurge on BJJ tape that’s almost the same price as your mouthguard. Expensive isn’t always better. Choose an affordable brand. By affordable, we mean anywhere between $12 to $17. 

Durability and Sweat Resistance

The last thing you want when you’re rolling is the tape coming apart. As such, besides BJJ tape that’s affordable, you’ll want tape that has excellent adhesion. 

Your BJJ tape needs to be sturdy and stick.With adhesive and sturdy tape, you only need to wrap your finger once.

Sweat resistance should also be one of the traits you need to look for in good BJJ tape. When you roll for a long time, you’ll come into contact with sweat — yours or your partner’s. 

The sweat factor is why you shouldn’t choose regular micropore tape. BJJ tape will stay on your fingers as long as the session takes. 


You may have other athletic endeavors beyond the tatami mats, and your fingers need just the same amount of protection whether you’re gripping a lapel or hook-gripping an Olympic bar. Choosing BJJ tape that is versatile will save you time and hassle shopping for and storing multiple types of tape. 

Our Picks for the Best BJJ Finger Tape for 2022

Many BJJ and MMA tapes on the market today are affordable, durable, sweat-proof, and versatile. However, we’ve found that these three will give you the most bang for your hard-earned buck: 

Fuji- Jiu-Jitsu and Judo Finger Tape

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Fuji has long been known for its high-quality Gis. However, did you know that the company also excelled in making BJJ finger tape? Fuji’s BJJ tape has earned hundreds of positive ratings on Amazon. The proof is in the pudding, and you’ll find this out as soon as you try Fuji’s BJJ and Judo finger tape. 

The tape consists of a sweat-proof material. The material is also durable, lasting the entire course of a BJJ or Judo class. The material guarantees better adhesion and traction, giving you a better hold. 

Despite the durability of the material, most reviewers say that Fuji’s BJJ and Judo tape is easy to cut. In fact, you won’t need scissors or your teeth. After you wrap your finger, just grip (the tape) and rip. 

Fuji’s tape comes in rolls of six encased in an air-tight plastic container. At only $12.99, Fuji’s BJJ tape is an absolute steal.

Hampton Adams (8 Pack) White Finger Tape

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Do you remember what we mentioned earlier about choosing tape that allows you to engage in other sports outside BJJ? Fresh off the production line of Hampton Adams is a BJJ and climbing tape that boasts versatility in spades. 

Hampton Adams’ Athletic Tape provides joint and skin protection for your fingers whatever activity you’re into. Whether you’re pulling guard or gripping rope or rock face crevices, the materials of the tape hold up and keep your hands in one piece. 

More than finger and hand protection, the materials of the tape provide excellent compression, according to reviewers. This makes it the go-to tape for professionals who need their hands recovered. 

Coming in rolls of eight, Hampton Adams’s Athletic tape for BJJ and rock climbing offers excellent adhesion. In fact, many find that the entire pack can last for many months. 

For only $16.99, you get more than BJJ finger tape. You get tape that’s ready for anything and long-term use. And, if you aren’t satisfied with it, the tape comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Monkey Tape

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We cap off the list with another brand of BJJ tape that brings a lot to the table as regards durability and versatility. Monkey Tape delivers for its durability and low price tag. 

Monkey Tape BJJ and Athletic Tape comes in rolls of four. Each roll will deliver unparalleled grip with its sweat-resistant and textured material. The tape also gets five-star ratings for its ability to provide compression and support for fingers, ensuring your longevity on the mats. 

Monkey Tape is useful not just for BJJ but for other sports as well. Hence, it doesn’t matter if you’re practicing your Worm Guard or snatching 250 in your CrossFit Class. Few other brands can hold a candle to the material and durability of Monkey Tape. 

Take Hold of Your Training with Premium Hand and Finger Protection

These BJJ finger tapes will ensure that your time on the mat or elsewhere is fun and injury-free. Hence, if you’re looking for tapes that will protect your hands and fingers, look no further than the three we’ve mentioned here.

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