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3 Best Agility Training Equipment Items To Use

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has hit the radar of many athletes and health experts as an incredibly impressive form of agility training.  

It combines strength, cardiovascular exercise, and problem-solving for a well-rounded and fun workout.  

However, BJJ calls for agility training equipment to properly engage in the exercise. As you gather all the essentials, it is critical to consider your equipment as an investment rather than an expense.  

The better agility training equipment you have, the better you can expect your performance to be. It supports your craft and your development over time, and it should endure throughout the length of your practice.  

To that end, we have compiled a list of the top 3 best grip trainers and hand grip strengtheners for your training.  

Grip training is critical not only to succeed in BJJ but is also an essential part of aging. Grip strength is a predictor of muscular endurance and overall strength.  

Thus, not only do you want to focus on your grip strength to excel in BJJ, but you also want to maintain this practice long after you have hung up your belt.  

Agility training is also crucial to maintaining coordination and balance both on the mat and as you age. 

Grip strengtheners and agility trainers will help ensure you can do that.  

Top 3 Best Equipment Investments for Agility Training  

X-UMEUS Agility Ladder Speed Training Equipment Set

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The X-UMEUS Agility Ladder Set comes with a 20-foot advanced speed agility ladder with 4 fixable stakes, 4 agility hurdles, 12 yellow soccer disc cones, and a running parachute. It is appropriate for those doing agility training of all levels and of all ages. 

The set allows trainers to increase speed, strength, and endurance in the legs and focus on total body coordination. 

The agility ladder is designed to avoid tripping in all weather conditions outdoors or to be set up indoors.

This set makes sense for those practicing the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as it focuses on agility training for the full body, including range of motion, quick shifts in speed, sudden pivots, and jumps, as well as the drag effect of the parachute.  

The X-UMEUS Agility Ladder Set currently has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 from 410, with the vast majority noting its excellent function for personal use, coaching others, or team-building exercises.  

Fstica Sport Agility Ladder Speed Ladder

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This Fstica Sport Agility Ladder is made of a durable, all-weather, stainless-steel material designed for longevity.  

This ladder aims to increase the range of motion, gross motor skills, and total body coordination. Trainers can use it for the sudden increase and decrease in speed, pivoting, squatting, and jumping, and it can be utilized by people of all ages.  

The Fstica Sport Agility Ladder can be folded up and stored easily and transported by virtually anyone as it is lightweight and durable, so it will last many years of training.  

Many agility ladders fall apart easily or do not come with stakes or other ways to hold them down. This ladder provides everything necessary to get excellent agility training.  

It is ideal for BJJ practitioners looking to improve footwork and balance.  

Amazon ratings are currently at 3.9 out of 5 by 7 reviewers who note this ladder is easy to use and a great addition to any workout equipment set.  

X-PLOSIVE Speed Training Kit

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The X-PLOSIVE Speed Training Kit will help anyone interested in building strength as you increase speed. It comes with a speed training harness and a bullet-proof resistance strap designed to help you build up power that will be instantly released to develop more muscle fibers for leg drive and stride length.  

You can expect to increase speed in a short amount of time when you utilize this set regularly. 

It also provides 360-degree training, which is elemental in BJJ practice, as you need to be able to pick up speed and maintain it and do it from all directions. This practice improves your ability to respond quickly and with agility and grace, allowing for enhanced development of BJJ skills.  

To train with this X-PLOSIVE Speed Training Kit, you will wrap and fasten the included belt around your waist and attach the partner strap. 

Your partner will hold the other end using the handle and provide resistance.  

As a bonus, when it is your turn to hold the handle, you will gain grip strength, so be sure to alternate hands, switching off at equally timed intervals.  

Amazon currently has this set rated at a 4.6 out of 5 by 422 ratings, many of which state that this belt and harness are essential for speed training, that the set is cost effective, and much better than bungee cords which have long been in use by trainers.  

Agility Training for the Win 

In the end, these pieces of equipment will be a great addition to any gym promoting BJJ or self-defense training.  

You can expect them to function well, to last for many years, and to be easy to store and transport.  

And remember, as you make your way through building up your stores of equipment, you are making an investment in your health and that of anyone you train.  

Great equipment can make all the difference.