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BJJ Gear: The Best Headgear BJJ Offers and Jiu Jitsu Equipment

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can get a bit intense, and while the equipment needs are minimal, it’s still essential to get good pieces. That’s why we’ve selected some of the best pieces out there to recommend to you. Here, we’re looking at the best headgear BJJ, best mouth guard BJJ, and best BJJ tape.

The best headgear has been selected for its comfort, protection, and quality of ear guard, all of which are stellar. We chose the best mouth guard for its balance of custom fit and the ability to do it yourself at home, saving you money. Finally, the best BJJ tape is easy to use while being good value, doing an excellent job of wrapping for first aid and protection in BJJ.

1 – Cliff Keen Fusion BJJ Headgear

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The Cliff Keen Fusion BJJ Headgear is the brand’s most comfortable and protective ear guard yet. The 3-strap design on this headgear BJJ keeps the straps out of the way, with one of the most comfortable chin straps available. 4 straps are preferable, but 3 also work.

One of the most significant features is the light yet secure design. The quality is also top-notch and built to last. The foam padding sits nicely on the head and is comfortable enough to take a beating with on. The button snap design is also really fast and easy to use, making it easy to put on and take off the headgear.

The ear cups are easy to clean, comfortable, and low profile. They do make it a little harder to hear, which is pretty typical. One of the main concerns with ear cups is preventing cauliflower ear, which these do perfectly. Some other ear cups stick out too much and can get caught during matches, but these lay quite close to the head. Meaning it won’t let you get hurt while also protecting your wrestling partners. They are perfect ear protection.

The lightweight, secure, and comfortable combination that this headgear BJJ has is just about all you can ask for. However, there is some concern over cracking that some users report. It’s not the end of the world, but it is something to watch out for and contact customer support if there’s a problem.

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2 – Opro Mouth Guard

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OPRO mouthguards are designed by dentists to provide the best custom fit.

Using the latest dental technology, the OPRO Power-Fit mouth guard comes with POWER-CAGE, a patented technology that molds the mouth guard to contours of your teeth and gums. No more gagging or difficulty breathing with these custom-fit designs, just comfortable protection.

The process of getting the custom fit for your mouth guard BJJ is easy, but there’s a bit more to it than other mouthguards. Practice a bit beforehand, then make the setting. It should feel very comfortable and secure in the mouth if set correctly. The custom-fit is the key to a good mouthguard, so be sure to follow the instructions. The mold should be centered on the teeth. Using a mirror can help to get it perfectly aligned.

What’s nice is that it’s possible to talk freely with this mouthguard in and to breathe freely. Many mouthguards with worse fits don’t allow you to move your mouth freely without risking the mouthguard falling out of place. That’s also not a good sign when getting hit in the face multiple times and the mouthguard loosens up and falls out.

This compares decently to the much more expensive professionally fit OPRO while being entirely done at home for an excellent price.

The official mouthguard of the UFC, USA Rugby, USA Wrestling, and more, you know you are getting a professional piece of equipment.

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3 – Johnson & Johnson Coach Sports Tape

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The Johnson & Johnson Coach Sports Tape is a great BJJ tape, measure 1.5 inches by 10 yards. The tape is a perfect cloth sports tape for administering first aid and for protecting joints from strains and other injuries. It can also be used on fingers, wrists, and ankles with its breathable comfort and protection.

To apply, clean, and dry the skin. Place tape on smoothly and loose enough to prevent any circulation problems. For fingers, you might want to use a piece of gauze to keep the fingers apart while wrapping. Wrists are a simple circular motion. Ankle taping is the most complicated. It is probably best to look up instructions and watch a video.

The tape is one of the only ones of its kind that can be torn with one’s hands instead of needing scissors, making it very easy to use on the go. It’s helpful for when you are traveling or simply don’t want to take scissors to the gym or dojo with you.

There are a couple of minor issues with the tape. One, as a white tape, it gets dirty very quickly. It might be nicer if they made a grey or black tape, but this is a very small issue. The tape also sometimes doesn’t stick directly to the skin well, but that might be a feature to prevent it from hurting the skin when it peels off. You can use pre-wrap to avoid this problem.

Overall, it’s a simple to use tape that gets the job done.

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These are all our recommendations for some great BJJ equipment both for beginners and those deeper into the practice. Good equipment can not only help you feel confident but provides a safer overall experience.

Each choice of equipment here does a high-quality job for its price point. The headgear BJJ and mouth guard BJJ, in particular, are recommended for long-term use and safety, each providing excellent protection and made to last.

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