Best Age To Start Martial Arts For Kids Near Me

Best Age To Start Martial Arts For Kids Near Me

Deciding when to enroll your kids in martial arts can be tricky for some parents. They know martial arts benefit adults, but they might be less clear about how it will benefit their kids. 

Well, today’s post will look at the best age to start martial arts for kids near me, before examining the benefits of martial arts for kids, as well as the most effective martial arts for encouraging your children to get stuck in and soak up all the amazing benefits discussed throughout this article.

TLDR: It is acceptable in most schools for children to start around 4 years of age. At 4 years old, a child has developed enough to understand direction, instructions and memorize movements. Aside from the starting age of 4, the best age to start martial arts is ANY TIME between ages 4 and 104!

When Is The Best Age To Start Martial Arts?

There are only really two things that you need to take part in a martial arts class successfully:

* A willingness to learn

* A genuine interest in the field

If your kid has those two things, then they can really start learning as early as four years old

That might sound quite young, but the sooner you get your kids involved in martial arts classes, the quicker they’ll pick up the skills they need, and the sooner you’ll see the benefits listed in the section below.

Classes for children at this age focus on the basics and teaching them the discipline they’ll need to succeed as they get older, and teachers willing to take on students at this age make safety a priority (as do all MMA teachers for every age group, but it’s especially important when children are young).

You know your children better than anyone, though, so if you feel four is too young for your child, then wait a couple of years and sign them up for classes when they’re six. 

The important thing is that they want to learn it and they’re genuinely interested in MMA. If they have this, then they have every chance of being successful at martial arts!

An Important Note On Age

Before you get to the section about the benefits of martial arts for kids, it’s important to note that the age at which your child starts martial arts doesn’t dictate how skilled they’ll be at it. 

Some of the best MMA fighters began learning in young adulthood, so there really is no pressure in getting your child to the start line. 

As soon as they’re ready to learn, you’ll know as their parent, and then you can sign them up for classes.

When you eventually sign them up, look out for some key benefits too, because the most effective martial arts for children bring about some amazing benefits to their physical, mental, and social health!

What Are The Benefits Of Martial Arts For Kids Near Me? 

Burning energy

If your kid is full of energy, then martial arts are a great way to burn off some of that excess energy in a positive way. 

It’s a physically demanding activity, so it gets them moving whilst also improving their motor skills, strength, and flexibility. In terms of the physical benefits, martial arts are some of the best activities you can get your child involved in.

Increasing focus

It’s not only the body that is exercised during martial arts, it’s the mind too. Martial arts will teach your child self-restraint, discipline, and the importance of goal-setting. 

With most martial arts having a ranking system, your child will naturally learn the importance of focusing on a goal and striving for it. This lesson is important in martial arts, but it’s important in life too.

Teaching teamwork

All martial arts require an element of teamwork. Even when sparring, respect for your opponent is key, and that requires some element of give and take. 

Working together is important, and if your child is learning martial arts in a class with fellow children, then they’ll have the importance of teamwork reinforced, and it’ll also help form their social identity and teach them about the sort of friend they wish to be as they grow.

Learning Effective Conflict Resolution

It may seem counterintuitive to many parents, but martial arts aren’t about violence, aggression, or conflict. It’s quite the opposite, in fact. Martial arts are all about self-defense, effective conflict resolution, and peace first and foremost. The non-aggressive path is always encouraged in martial arts, so your child will understand the importance of effective conflict resolution early on.

Decreasing Aggression

The longer a child trains, the less aggressive they become. It links in with the idea above about effective conflict resolution, but it also links with the idea that your child is channeling their frustration and aggression in a positive way in a controlled environment. 

There have been many studies looking at the effects of martial arts on aggression levels in children, and all of them show a downward trend.

Practicing Listening Skills

Any activity that involves a mentor and a student will help develop listening skills, but in martial arts, it’s vital. Failing to listen could cause injury, so martial arts teachers insist upon every member of the class actively listening to instructions. 

This gives your child the opportunity to practice their listening skills, which will only help them in the classroom and the world beyond.

Teaching Respect

Respect for your opponent, respect for your teacher, even respect for yourself. These are all things that are important in every martial arts class, so your child will learn the value of respect and they’ll be able to take that forward into the rest of their life. 

It’s a skill they’ll learn in childhood, thanks to martial arts, that will serve them well into adulthood.

Building Confidence

Perhaps this is the most important point of all for young children. Martial arts encourage children to build confidence in themselves, their abilities, and those around them. 

During special events and grading, your child will need to perform in front of others, and even just perform in front of their classmates week in week out. This can take your child’s confidence and make it soar as they see how skilled they really are.

What Are The Most Effective Martial Arts For Children?

Really, there is no such thing as “the most effective martial arts for children”. Why? Because ALL martial arts benefit ALL children, the important thing is that they select a discipline that they’re passionate about. 

By doing so, they give themselves the best opportunity to develop their skills in that particular martial art, but they also give themselves the best chance of being able to stick with it into adulthood, where the benefits listed above are still prevalent.

How To Sign Your Kid Up To Jiu Jitsu or MMA Classes

So, you’re ready to sign your kid up to MMA classes to help them reap the rewards of martial arts? Well, if you’re searching for ‘martial arts for kids near me’ and you’re in the California area, why don’t you look out for Jiu Jitsu Roseville classes that will take on children. 

Wherever you’re based, though, just look around for a local MMA gym and reach out to them about the children’s classes they offer. Most will cater for children from four years old and up, so you will find a class for your child and see the benefits that martial arts can bring to kids in no time!

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